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Whether or not you’ve ever been involved in a lawsuit, had a UDRP filed against one or more of your domain names, received a cease and desist letter, or had another domain dispute situation, knowing a good attorney that is familiar with domain names and intellectual property law is critical. Likewise, when you are involved in large deals/transactions, need legal advice for your business, or need a terms of service created for a website, having a good lawyer is imperative.

There are a number of exceptional attorneys who have expert knowledge about domain names and the law regarding domain names. I have used a couple of the attorneys listed below, and I have heard good things about the others. Simply because someone is not listed doesn’t mean anything negative about that person or firm, it just means I don’t know of the firm/lawyer or forgot to add that person. You can also learn more about why it’s helpful to use a domain name lawyer in the domain investing guide.

In the event that you need legal advice in the domain space, the attorneys below may be able to help you (in alphabetical order):


  1. @ John

    I am farily certain all represent domain owners for some cases. Nevertheless, I provided links to each person’s website for your own due diligence. I do know that some also defend trademark holders as well.

  2. That’s quite a strong list of domain savvy attorneys.

    A couple of others that I have found to be knowledgeable and highly focused on domain related issues are:

    Mike Rodenbaugh – of – based in California and does work nationally. He is on a panel at Domainer MardiGras this week. He earlier had been an “in house lawyer for Yahoo for many years. Highly familiar with the ways and means of ICANN too.

    Clarke Walton – Las Vegas based IP/Trademark/Domain & Internet Law attorney who incidentally is quite a poker pro and runs a wesite or two in that arena…and has been quite a techie & SEO guru too..before becoming a lawyer

  3. Nice list Elliot, I personally like Zak as I am in canada and John Berryhill for the US. Other great guys there I am sure but those two stand out for representing domainers in their respective countries, imo.

  4. Excellent list Elliot. If anyone wonders why you should attend a domaining conference, this is it. I met Enrico Schaefer at my first TRAFFIC conference and he was great help to me after I received my first “Cease & Desist” letter. Without having networked with him over some high-end tequila at Disney World, I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do when I got the letter. I more than paid for that conference with the advice I got from him.

  5. “It seems Stevan Lieberman website is not running at this time.”

    When I saw your posting yesterday, I checked and it was opening. I assume his server was re-setting when you checked.

    I also checked again today and it is opening.

  6. The WIPO ruling on has been appealed in Court. The filing was done yesterday in California.

    Mike Rodenbaugh is lead attorney for the plaintiff, domain registrant, Inc … they got a bonifide chance, he’s good !

  7. I must make a correction:

    Brett Lewis is actually the lead attorney (NYC) on the Court case, Mike Rodenbaugh is the Califorbia-based attornet representing the Plaintiff’s case… Strong duo !

    It should be interesting to follow

  8. All I can say is, Mark Randazza is your man. He is, without a doubt, the underdog’s best friend, and an outstanding lawyer.
    I say this, even though we actually lost my case at the Wipo level. It was NOT from his lack of work, or argument.

    Anyone reading the case would agree we won. There is just little respect given to The US Constitution around the world.

  9. Thanks for the list, Elliot. I am going to contact a few of these lawyers this week to ask about SPAMMING.

    Each day, I contact numerous end users and offer them domains that I feel could help their business. I get the feeling I may be SPAMMING and/or breaking the law by sending out emails (in bulk) to 50-100 companies per domain – even though the companies are carefully selected and completely relevant to the names I am selling. But “cold-calling” or sending unsolicitated “commercial” email I think is spamming – if so, I may have to stop domaining 🙁

  10. To add to your list of domain name attorneys above, I recommend Maulin Shah of He has helped us recover numerous domain names.

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