Domain Name Association Membership Overview


Yesterday, I wrote an article about the Domain Name Association, and I was hoping someone from the organization might offer some information about membership benefits to domain investors. Mike Berkens, whose Right of The Dot, LLC company is an Affiliate member of the DNA, shared some of his insight about the organization.

This morning on Twitter, The DNA posted a link to a membership presentation it gave at the ICANN 48 meeting in Buenos Aires in November. For the benefit of those who couldn’t make it to the ICANN meeting, I have embedded the slideshow presentation below for your review. This may answer some of the questions you have about this new trade organization.

If you have membership questions or other queries, you should contact The DNA directly to ask.

Here’s the presentation:

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  1. I smell the biggest rat I have probably ever smelled in this industry.

    They don’t have formal ties with ICANN yet their Executive Director is a former ICANN executive. Give me a stinking break, will ya’? I guess they think everyone’s an idiot.

    They underline and mention twice that it is for everyone but mention nothing about .COM domains. Not once. No protection or standing up for domain owners, no protections for anyone really, just a new TLD agenda. It sounds and smells like an organization 100% dedicated to pushing the new TLDs.

    Also, Fairwinds Parnters is a member? I guess this new organization has no standards for who they’ll let in the door. As far as I’m concerned they are an enemy of the domain name industry. Just take a closer look at them.

    The current group of members they show are mostly just interested in controlling the rules for themselves and not helping out domain owners or domain investors by strengthening domain owner’s rights.

    They want to get into the domain industry to they can both control it and break it down and rebuild it to benefit themselves. That’s how I see it. And, I’m sure they’d love it if you’d donate to them to help them make a profit for themselves.

    I don’t believe a single bit of any of anything they are saying.

    It smells so bad!!!! I can only see them hurting current domain owners.

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