Domain Name Marketplaces


There are many places where you can purchase domain names in the aftermarket. I wanted to share an updated list of aftermarket websites with you. Some of these websites sell privately-owned domain names and others sell company-owned domain names.

I did not include auction sites such as NameJet or Snapnames or forums like DNForum. I also didn’t include eBay since it’s fairly challenging to search for specific types of domain names.

If I missed any aftermarket websites, I hope you will add them in the comment section.

Where else do you buy or sell your domain names in the aftermarket?


  1. Informative, very helpful. Another post with various places that a domain owner can LIST their domains to SELL might be a good follow up.

  2. Strange post where you forget to list many popular marketplaces and list some sites that are not marketplaces but domain portfolios. Are you wake up Elliot?

  3. How about a post that lists all tools that have to do with domains from drop catching services, drop catching software, forums, name generators, marketplaces, etc……… anything that has to do with domaining.

  4.’s Domain Marketplace was launched not too long ago…and should be growing quickly this year.. with inrcemental amounts added of more higher quality & premium domain listings

  5. For me marketplaces are sites where people can:
    – sell domains
    – buy domains
    The way they can buy name as no importance.

    Now domain portfolios are sites where people can only:
    – buy domains.

    This is why your list made low sense for me, because half are domain portfolios, plus many marketplaces where missing.

    It was a quick Saturday post, I am sure these past years you made more extensive ones on this subject.

    Good Sunday!

  6. There’s also Francois’ site:

    And Eric Rice and Joe Politzer’s email newsletter is also a website:

    And my site (which uses Sedo for escrow etc):

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