Domain Investor Has $96 Million Bitcoin Portfolio


There are quite a few domain investors who also invest in cryptocurrency. I personally know of a few who I believe have done very well with their crypto holdings, and I am sure there are even more who have kept their investments more private.

This morning, CoinDesk wrote about Cai Wensheng, a Chinese investor who has built a holding of 10,000 Bitcoins worth nearly $100 million, depending on the price of Bitcoin ($9,700+ at the time of publication). Mr. Wensheng didn’t start investing in Bitcoin at the earliest stages. Instead, CoinDesk reports that he had one Bitcoin in January and built up his holdings when Bitcoin was hitting its lows earlier this year. Interestingly, this investor got his start as a domain name investor.

From the CoinDesk article:

“Born in the 1970s, Cai made his name and first fortune by investing in domain names during the internet bubble and expanded his investment portfolio over the next decade as an angel investor.”

The DNQueen blog wrote about Wensheng in 2016, and that profile has some good background information about him and his domain investments:

“Mike Cai began his domaining career in the year 1999. From 2001 to 2003, he registered over 5000 expired domain names and sold 1000 of them to buyers all over the world.”

There are many people who have parlayed their domain investment success into other successful investments and ventures. It’s neat to see this unfolding in the cryptocurrency investment space.


  1. Good to see. He didn’t buy his btc with domain money, he actually paid today’s value for those since he started buying this year.

    Few domainers made it big with crypto and many have lost as well.

  2. Kind of an odd story since he bought into BTC recently with the only connection is he owned and sold domains years ago. If anything he had more foresight with domains.

    Good for him but the man had serious money well before either venture, clearly.

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