GoDaddy: Update Your Passwords


Today is World Password Day. I received several emails announcing this, including emails from GoDaddy encouraging me to update my GoDaddy account password:

Obviously having a secure password is the first line of defense when it comes to domain registrar account security. I think it is also quite important to have two factor authentication enabled at domain registrars that offer it. I would almost suggest looking elsewhere if a registrar doesn’t offer a two factor authentication option. Some use Google Authenticator, some use a keyfob, and others use a text message 2FA.

GoDaddy (and some other companies) also offer a higher level of account protection if requested. At GoDaddy, the additional security is called DTVS. With DTVS enabled on my GoDaddy accounts, I need to verbally approve any domain name account changes or transfers over the phone with a special pin code. I think it is worth looking into.

Changing passwords regularly is a smart idea. Why not use this World Password Day reminder to make sure your domain registrar accounts are secure. While there, you might as well have a quick look to make sure your valuable domain names are still in your account!

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