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Another busy week is in the books. I had a group of 50 or so auctions at NameJet last week, and it is always exciting to watch auctions close. Whether there are last minute bidders or not, it is fun to see how auctions do.

Here are some domain industry news updates from the last week. If you have other news updates to share that I missed or you think others might want to know about, I invite you to share.

The auction on is ending this afternoon. Bidding is over $20,000. It’s not very often that you see a domain name dropped.

I will be keeping my eyes on a couple of recent UDRP filings. An unknown company filed a UDRP against the domain name. It was filed at the NAF, so the complainant is not yet listed. There are a ton of IMEC acronyms, so I couldn’t even guess who filed it. A UDRP was filed at WIPO against, a domain name registered over 20 years ago in 1996.

Earlier this week, Mike Mann announced that he will be opening up for third party listings. Yesterday, Konstantinos shared more details about it.

DSAD is running a NameJet auction featuring domain names submitted by readers. It looks like the auction is now open for bidding.

According to a tweet from NameStats, the .Africa extension is “now delegated and in the Root Zone.” I am interested in seeing how many .Africa domain names are registered in the first year of availability. Geographic extensions have not done as well as I thought they would.

GGRG domain brokerage founder Giuseppe Graziano published (it’s a .pdf file on his website) his quarterly report on liquid domain names. Ron Jackson shared a comprehensive analysis of Giuseppe’s report.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. > “I had a group of 50 or so auctions at NameJet last week, and it is always exciting to watch auctions close. Whether there are last minute bidders or not, it is fun to see how auctions do.”

    Are you saying that 50 or so of your own domains were on auction at NJ, and that you were watching the auctions close on your own sales?

    • Can your domains be registered anywhere, or do they have to be with Enom?

      Can anyone use their auction service? Last time I looked into it, my impression was that it was hard for most people to even be allowed, is that not right?

      That is what I feel has been lacking in the industry – a no nonsense action option. You would think that would be so simple it would be the ultimate no-brainer. And I don’t mean “Flippa,” if that has it. I find that name “Flippa” to be so counterproductive I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Do we as domain investors not know that “the name says it all”? Well a name like “Flippa” connotes “cheap, low class, flipper, flipping burgers but no steak, etc…”

    • And for the record, I’m talking about “low class” domains only, as in cheap crappy domains. That’s what a name like “Flippa” connotes, the kind you just “flip” cheaply. As for burgers, great burgers are great, but there are also inferior burgers, like at fast food joints. That’s what “Flipps” suggests to me – flipping the burgers that are not even good for you.

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