Domain Companies: Let Blog Readers Beta Test Your Website


Afternic recently underwent a major upgrade, and the user interface and functionality were almost completely overhauled. Shortly after the re-launch, I posted an article seeking feedback about the revamped website, and many helpful suggestions were made.

I am sure Afternic had employees and clients beta test3e the new site, but as with every web project, there were a variety of issues that needed to be worked out. Having a wider range of users test out the new site and provide feedback can be beneficial to companies, especially because the people reviewing the site are customers and potential customers.

I invite other companies to submit their new or revamped websites for review on my blog. I believe the people who read my blog would be happy to help make the user experience and functionality better for a domain industry website that we want to use.

Many companies seem to shy away from the possibility of receiving negative feedback about their website or project. However, if they are willing to address customer issues, even those that aren’t related to a redesigned website, it will improve customer retention and usage.

It really makes sense to ask customers and potential customers for candid feedback, and I am willing to play host to this.


  1. That’s very accommodating of you, thank you. :}
    As I’m no designer, I have built a site using Flash. Flash can be restrictive for the user sometimes, i.e. it’s not downloaded or instances such as Apple not installing it on their systems.

    I have only just launched the site to promote some of my domains, and this my first one.

    I’d be happy for a constructive Beta Test please, very much appreciated, thank you for the opportunity, Howard.

    Please click on ZigDomains above to view the site, there might be a pop to the side stating you need Flash, however I have built the site so it’s OK to view without installing it.

    I will be adding Escrow soon.

  2. I’m glad that they at least bury the auctions area a little less, even if it’s still completely empty right now like it has been for a long time. Perhaps if they start having some again (referring to Closing Soon auctions), they might consider putting it back on the front page where it used to be. I still don’t understand why Sedo chose to bury them too vs. featuring them on the main page. Perhaps because many were going for low prices?

    To be honest, I think most of DLS success has been due to BuyDomains and GoDaddy than to Afternic. I really don’t think many of the sales they report on a weekly basis are sales coming from but rather from their partners, and that’s what we experience from our DLS sales. While I’m not a huge fan of the new interface, I can understand why they’d want to try a revamp to spur more sales activity there.

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