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Yesterday, I wrote an article advising readers that they should be cautious when posting comments on websites that use the Facebook comments plugin because it revealed information about the person’s employer or college, and it links back to the commenter’s Facebook page. This could be problematic to someone who wants privacy.

The opposite may be true for someone who wants publicity for themselves or their Facebook fan page. If you want to post a comment on a site with the FB comment plugin and you have multiple pages, one of the nice things is that you can choose which page to comment as. For instance, I can comment as my personal page, my blog page, my page, or a few others I have set up for various websites.

If you are commenting on a topic that would be of interest to people who would also be interested in learning about your website, you can post as your Facebook fan page for that website. Assuming your comment is interesting, people will likely click on the link to see who you are and end up on your fan page. This may drive a bit of traffic to your site, and it’s a good way to get people to learn about your website.

Of course, you can also post comments on websites and use your website as your name, but many bloggers will block those comments because they look ultra spammy. With Facebook comments, it’s much less spammy and more practical, especially if your page isn’t exactly called the domain name. For instance, my Facebook Fan Page is called “Lowell, Massachusetts” instead of


  1. I still don’t get facebook…why is it so big..and how is it making so much money. But I didn’t understand why google was so big either. No wonder I am so poo. haha. Can someone share some story how they successfully used facebook to make a killing? I think the smart money is on facebook…haven’t heard much in terms of case study of how money are made on facebook…let me head over the flippa and do some research.

  2. today it was announced facebook use is down in both the US and UK. I certainly use facebook WAY less then I used to and it may just become another myspace. Sure, when it first launched I was all over, now I might check in weekly.

  3. is this a very good book to read Mr elliot ? can you to have mail me a copy of the bookk or can you send me in the email

  4. I went to a big social media seminar last year and there were several companies speaking about social media. One thing they constantly mentioned is that they had a lot of Facebook fans but had no idea what to do with them.

  5. There is another way that companies are directing people to their fan pages. They are buying domain names and having it forwarded there. Go check out from Nissan. I talked about it on my blog. Their commercial is hilarious.

  6. Yes the above comment is very true. Many companies are replacing some of there website, especially promotional campaigns with Facebook Pages.

    Someone else commented that Facebook usage was slightly down last month in the US. Well it’s summertime guys!

    I see Facebook only growing bigger and stronger globally in the coming years

  7. Nice post but, when I try to post in a Facebook’comments plugin’ and I am logged in as my Facebook page, it always say: “switch back to your personal facebook account”.

  8. Why would you want your traffic to leave your site and go to Mark Zuckerberg’s site?

    Since the birth of the net the goal has always been to get traffic. Now all of a sudden every webmaster’s brains have leaked out on the floor. They are noT only letting their traffic leave they are promoting it.

    Yeah sure if your snoop doggy dog and advertisers are gonna pay you to promote stuff to your billion fans. But lets face it that aint me and you. So why are freely sending traffic which would normally cost big bucks to get?

    IT IS BEYOND ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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