Difficult for Me to Test


I am frequently asked to test new products and services related to domain investing. I am generally happy to review new domain tools that can help my business, except if there is a requirement that I write about it or using the tool might give away business information. When it comes to testing new products or services with my domain names, I am pretty reluctant to do so given the number of domain names my companies own.

In total, my companies own fewer than 500 domain names. I have made it a point to focus on quality over quantity for the most part, so I don’t have a portfolio that includes thousands of domain names. This means that I don’t have a large enough inventory to offer for testing, and in addition, any test I would do on a group of my domain names would not be statistically significant. In short, even if I were to test and report a result to the company, they would be unwise to use my results as a basis for changes and/or updates.

When I meet with companies in the domain business, I am usually happy to offer feedback about their products. I try to give candid feedback about what I would like to see and where I am facing pain points. Luckily, there aren’t a whole lot of glaring issues right now, but I am always excited when a company surprises me with a new product or tool (DNS sales platform and Escrow.com and Agreed.com sale buttons to name a few).

If you are doing something innovative that will help domain investors with their businesses and I think it will help my business, I am happy to speak with you and learn about your product or service. Keep in mind that I don’t have the time to do user testing for something that isn’t of interest to my or my company, and I can’t promise that I will write about it.

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