Democrats Register in Anticipation of President’s Speech

According to a number of news outlets, US President Barack Obama is going to announce his new jobs initiative called the American Jobs Act, in a speech this evening.  In anticipation of tonight’s  speech, the Democratic National Committee  has registered the domain name It is registered to the DNC and uses a email address, without privacy protection.

Whether the Democratic National Committee plans to use to promote this proposed legislation remains to be seen, but it was a smart domain registration nonetheless. I am sure the Democratic Party would rather own it for its own platform rather than see someone else register and use it as a platform to oppose the legislation. The domain name was just registered yesterday, September 7, 2011.

At the present time, the domain name resolves to a Go Daddy landing page with pay per click (PPC) links, most of which are for job-related websites. According to various articles I’ve read  (albeit not from clearly reputable sources), it appears that GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons is a donor to (and supporter of) Republican causes, so you’d wonder if he’d be able to change some of the jobs PPC links to Republican cause website links.

The smart thing for the DNC to do would be to either forward the domain name to its party’s website or push a new website live just before the speech. I am sure “American Jobs Act” will be a highly searched term over the coming days and weeks.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. What a joke! It’s just a euphemism for more money to be stolen from the taxpayers. It’s just more debt.

    The other stimulus plans failed, why will this be any different?

    It seems that the Dems will never learn that big government doesn’t create jobs, it just kills jobs, especially through adding more debt.

    Private enterprise creates jobs, and the best way to stimulate it is for government to lower taxes, lessen red tape and regulations, and generally get out of the way!

  2. Thanks for the tip Elliot

    I just registered “” and “”

    BIN is $10K each if anyone’s interested

  3. *

    Good strategic move by the DNC.

    Too bad that greedy “private enterprise” just wants to take, take, and take more in the way of so-called tax breaks (welfare for the rich), while ordinary people, who pay more taxes (porportionately), struggle to keep food on the table and the mortgage paid up-to-date.

    Meanwhile, as business continues to enjoy massive tax breaks FROM THE GOVERNMENT, their idea of “job creation” is sending jobs overseas.

    Private enterprise has proven time and and again that they cannot be trusted to do the right things that can get this country moving again, so government has to intervene.

    And if that is socialism, then give me socialism.

    My son just recently lost his job and cannot find another job in his field. He will probably have to find lower paying job (if he can find one). Meanwhile, he WILL lose his home (a money-pit, which I warned him about before he bought it back in 2002, but who listens to parents?)–yet another foreclosure. There is no way he will be able to catch up on his payments, even if we threw money at him. Business has not been there to help him. In fact, he has faced impediments when trying to apply for unemployment benefits (paid as taxes when he was working) because of staff cutbacks at the employment office.

    Yes, if the government does not intervene (and soon), the rich will get richer, the poor poorer, and the middle class wiped out, a recipe for major economic disaster.

    The 8,000 pound elephant that no one wants to recognize is the outdated and bloated tax code, filled with loopholes favoring the rich and putting the largest burden on the middle class. The IRS needs to be completely overhauled, but members of both parties are cowards who are more interested in their re-election prospects than the good of this country.

    So excuse me if I snort loudly at the idea that “Big Business” will help solve our problems.

    Those greedy 8*&%)*# will simply flee the country and set up shop overseas.


  4. Hi,

    The ‘O’ administration or/and the DNC are not doing anything new…they just change words.

    Stimulus Package = American Jobs Act

    American Jobs Act = Stimulus Package

    Same thing…did not work before, will not work in the future. It will just put us another Trillion or so in debt.


    BTW: A ‘solar company’ that the administration gave 525 million dollars to from the last ‘American Jobs Act’…I mean ‘Stimulus Package’….is already in BK less than 2.5 years after getting the money…your money.

  5. Oh what the heck,


    Going to no reserve auctions @ GoDaddy in the next 72 hours. 🙂

    Gotta love how quickly all the domains were bought! Good job Elliot!! 🙂


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