Danica Patrick Coming to See Afternic



It’s not going to take long for the team at Afternic to be welcomed by Go Daddy. According to a tweet from Go Daddy Girl Danica Patrick, the NASCAR driver is on her way to Massachusetts to see the team at Afternic, which was acquired by Go Daddy.

I just happen to be in the neighborhood, so maybe I’ll stop by and say hello.

Kidding about that, but I am sure there will be a photo opportunity, and I’ll see if I can share some photos of the occasion. I don’t think it’s all that often that a NASCAR driver visits Massachusetts.

*** Update *** A Danica sighting in Massachusetts with Afternic’s Rich Green:

Rich and Danica

Here’s Danica with the entire Afternic team

Afternic GoDaddy and Danica


  1. This is wonderful news. It’s Go Time, and Danica can carry that message well. She continues to break barriers and I am very glad to hear of her support for Godaddy and the recent acquisitions. Danica Patrick is very good for the domain industry and we should all appreciate that and give her our support.

  2. You seem to make a lot of comments about Danica Patrick, it seems like a schoolboy crush. Please tell us all why we should be supporting Danica Patrick ? I have nothing against the woman, but why should domainers appreciate her (getting paid nice money by Go Daddy) and support her.

  3. I wonder how this is going to effect everything? Perhaps when a domain is for sale on Afternic it will show the available to register extensions as well now to try and deter a large purchase towards a lesser extension register?
    Just a thought..

  4. I just want to know if I’ll get cookies this year from Rich.

    2011: I buy domains, I get cookies for Christmas

    2012: I buy domains, I don’t get cookies due to budget cuts.

    2013: I buy domains, will I get my cookies from Rich? Either way there is no excuse. If Rich still works for old boss, they now have tons of money, if Rich now works for Godaddy, Godaddy should want to reward Rich’s top clients like me to get off on a good foot.

    Please Godaddy and Danica (or old, now wealthy Rich Green Boss) . Return Rich Green to the cookie giving broker he used to be!

  5. You guys DO know that Danica is under CONTRACT to promote Godaddy and it’s products, right?, She’s obligated to do so, that includes her twitter postings.

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