DAN.com Payment Processor Adyen Running Television Ads


I’ve never really been a super early morning person, but the coronavirus pandemic has changed my morning habits. The early morning has becomes the best time for me to get a workout on the treadmill before our kids are awake and needing attention. While running on the treadmill, I watch CNBC to stay on top of financial news for the day.

This morning on CNBC, I saw a couple of television commercials for Adyen, the payments platform that is used by DAN.com to facilitate deals. Up until late last year, I wasn’t at all familiar with Adyen and I started using the platform to sell more of my domain names. Here’s one of the television spots that ran during a commercial break on CNBC:

Adyen is based in Europe, and I would imagine the brand is more well-known to Europeans than Americans. I would imagine these television commercials might make Americans more aware of the Adyen brand. This, I think, could be useful to domain investors who are selling via DAN because domain name buyers who are familiar with the Adyen brand via its advertising campaign will likely be more willing to transact with Adyen as the payment processing facilitator.

When I first signed up for DAN, I was unaware of the Adyen brand. I did a bit of searching to learn more about the company to become comfortable knowing this company would be handling the transactions closed via DAN. It’s nice to see Adyen advertising in the US market, and hopefully that will give more comfort to buyers on DAN who may recall hearing the company’s name.

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