Dan.com Adds GoDaddy Logo to Landers


In my opinion, the GoDaddy brand is the biggest advantage for domain name sellers who use Dan.com following GoDaddy’s acquisition of the domain name sales platform. Domain name buyers who are unfamiliar with the Dan.com brand will likely recognize GoDaddy’s brand name. This could help domain sellers close more deals on Dan.com.

Within the last day or so, GoDaddy added its branding to the Dan.com website and associated for sale landing pages. Dan.com is now “A GoDaddy brand,” as can be seen on the home page of Dan.com and Dan.com landing pages.

I am very interested in seeing if the GoDaddy branding on landing pages will provide any sort of lift in sales. I am hopeful no changes have been made to the sale and payout process since those are what set Dan.com apart from other platforms.

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  1. I will take Escrow com 1.78% for the fancy service. Name anyone that can beat that.

    Dan with third party integration aka godaddy 20%. Now add an extra 30% for 5 year payment plan and you’re at 50% commission. With escrow they don’t take those fees for payment plans. Even if they split that fee with seller it does not matter why 15% of net.

    Here is the be gripe I have with GD when someone searches a name you have parked over there they take $69 plus commission if you decide to play with them or respond to offer. Those leads that people search for should be sent to client if your name is registered with them. You should have an opt-in button for this. This will never happen because they would lose millions in commission.

    It is laughable to think GD has said they are not sure what the commissions will be. You don’t buy a company without knowing what you will be charging the clients. It will be 20% and most likely 7% if you bring your own client over to use the service.

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