Dallas Cowboys Fumble Domain Name on Big Day for News as Coach Phillips is Fired


A few days ago I wrote about the Cowboys.com domain name going up for sale on Sedo, brokered by Dave Evanson. This came three years after the Cowboys infamously bid and won the Cowboys.com domain name at auction, but they didn’t complete the deal after apparently confusing the price, thinking the winning bid was $275.00 rather than the actual $275,000.00.

Apparently the Dallas Cowboys suffered another domain name  embarrassment today. It looks like the Cowboys didn’t renew its DallasCowboys.com domain name on time, and as a result, the default Network Solutions landing page is currently showing (complete with pictures of young soccer players).

This afternoon, the Cowboys fired coach Wade Phillips after their horrendous 1-7 start to the season. I am sure a lot of people turned to DallasCowboys.com (and probably Cowboys.com, too) to learn more about the firing, directly from the team. Unfortunately for them, they were disappointed in the Cowboys once again.

The good news is that the Cowboys appear to have renewed the domain name through 2020, and the domain name should soon  propagate  back to its website. The bad news is that the Cowboys will still be bad whether the website works or doesn’t.


  1. HAHA at the last line you wrote.

    They had such high hopes for this season with the new stadium and hosting the Superbowl.

    yesterdays IMPLOSION was embarrasing to watch.

  2. Your title is somewhat unclear, even though I believe you wrote it in a sports idiomatic context and I am aware of the whole debacle.

  3. BTW, the site may be working for some people, but I still get the Net Sol landing page. It can take some time for the DNS changes to propagate back to the old site.

  4. “…they didn’t complete the deal after apparently confusing the price, thinking the winning bid was $275.00 rather than the actual $275,000.00.”

    What I would have given to be a fly on the wall when they had to explain this to Jerry Jones.

  5. I don’t know much about football but I do know about stupid people. I’m coming to realise that far from being vilified they should be celebrated. Even if your team are star players, or at least have been, if you drop the ball your going down and someone is right behind to pick it up and run.
    The bossman at my first ever tech job said something that stuck with me and it applies in many areas – something like ‘always be an administrator instead of a user’ meaning since there are always more users than administrators it should always be possible to make a living. And hopefully a lot more besides.
    Celebrate the stupid people, they’re our bread and butter 🙂

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