Daily Poll: Would You Donate a Domain Name?


A few years ago, I saw a domain name in auction and won it with the intention of donating it to a non-profit organization. The non-profit was happy to take the domain name and still uses it as a forwarder. The auction cost was in the ballpark of what I would have been happy to donate to the organization, so it all worked out.

I have heard of non-profit organizations reaching out to domain owners to ask for the donation of a domain name for a project of theirs. Sometimes this makes sense but oftentimes it does not. Sorry, but I probably can’t justify donating a five figure domain name and I doubt others would either. I suppose it depends on the domain name and the non-profit that is interested in it.

Would you donate a domain name to a non-profit organization?


  1. I acquire names and donate them to non-profits regularly. It’s a good thing to do and it’s a great write-off opportunity as well.

    • Definitely a good deed but from what I understand you can only write off what you paid. For instance, if you bought CancerSucks.com for $500 and donate it a month later, your write off is $500, so it is a wash. Of course I am neither an accountant nor a lawyer.

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