Daily Poll: Would You Buy Top .Net Keyword Domain Names?


This morning I wrote about some top .Net keyword domain names currently in auction at GoDaddy Auctions. In my opinion, these are solid keywords and I would love to own the .com domain names if I could.

My portfolio has very few non .com domain names, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. I am wondering if you would buy top .net keyword domain names at reasonable pricing if you had the opportunity. I am not necessarily referring to the names currently in auction, but just in general, if you would buy good one word .net domain names at fair / reasonable prices.


  1. Some are okay or better, but not exactly a prize bunch there. Certainly not worth getting involved in any competitive bidding.

  2. P.S. I normally avoid .net myself, notwithstanding how I know one famous domainer did well with them some years back. But that was quite a while ago and not sure if people could do so well with them now for selling.

  3. Yes and and I have flipped a few .net names successfully over the last few years.

    I currently own Motorcycles .net.

    Motorsports is massive industry and is a strong category. Honda owns the .com.

    I would entertain respectfull offers, however I’m leaning towards developing it.

  4. No offense Elliot, but this look like a marketing stunt for GoDaddy (Auctions), masked as a poll …
    Does GoDaddy gives you some “benefits” for this? 🙂

    • No, and the GoDaddy banner is not pay performance (nor is it even advertising auctions).

      There isn’t a link to the actual auctions I referenced earlier or a link to the GoDaddy Auction page either so it should be clear there is no benefit to me (beyond the content).

    • I’m using AdBlock Plus, so I don’t even see the banner you are talking about … 🙂
      Conflicts of interest … that’s a bad disease …

    • I have written about conflicts of interest a few times before. If I did not have extensive relationships with people and companies in this small niche business of domain name investing, I would not (be able to) write about it. Here are some of the articles:


      I reference the conflicts of interest among other topics in the disclaimer page on the website (which I link to in the About the Author section of every article):


      I primarily write about topics of interest to me. Oftentimes, these topics come up when I notice them doing the things I do every day. I saw the keyword .net auctions when I was looking at GoDaddy Auctions yesterday morning, and I wrote the article. I thought this daily poll would be a nice reference, just like my upcoming poll about the Yellow.com sale price will tie in with yesterday’s article about that sale.

      I don’t do affiliate advertising deals or affiliate marketing within the site, and I rarely allow sponsored posts. When I do allow a sponsored post (in the last couple of years), the post is clearly marked as sponsored and the money has been donated to my Pan-Mass Challenge fundraiser for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

  5. .net is DEAD in the water for years now. Aftermarket is almost non existant, even .org is better and attracts some nice offers and sales. That is why .web will also be a giant failure. .Net is more generic than .web and is already losing registrations in the tens of thousands. Stick to .com guys, everything else is just money down the drain.

  6. We are owners of domain names .com only for us, only have a little less then a few hundred from the late 1990’s early 2000’s.
    I like owning them I like getting calls emails discussing them rarely have sold them, just like having them around like you would own a few gold coins or something.
    I just cannot own anything but .com because I was around when things like .mobi were going to rule the Internet and so on ever sense.
    .org and .net would actually be the only other two this old bird would ever consider, but again for now only .com for us.

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