Daily Poll: What Do You Think EE.com is Worth?


In a press release yesterday afternoon, VIPBrokerage.com and DomainAssets.com announced that they are co-brokering the valuable EE.com domain name. The press release did not mention the asking price, but it is obviously a valuable domain name asset.

For today’s daily poll, I am curious what you think EE.com is worth. If you have an interest in buying the domain name, you should get in touch with the brokers directly.


  1. There’s a huge UK brand called EE that uses ee.co.uk. It has about 30 million customers. If they’re interested, I’d say at least mid-7 figures

    • That EE Limited UK mobile company would be end user #1. Likewise, there are a lot of EE related domestic trademarks for EE or close relation. So, the market is big enough for a 7 figure sale…

    • You guys and everyone else thinking this way need to stop being so beaten down that you can’t see clearly. It’s worth at least 8, not 7.

    • I’m judging my valuation based on other similar sales. HH.com sold for low/mid 7 figures, ZZ.com sold for about $1.7-$1.8m (I was told – can’t independently verify either).

      However, I was also told that TT.com rejected a high 7 figure bid so 8 figures might be plausible; just depends on the level of interest and the budget, I guess.

    • James, you may mean well, but the real estate analogy and the idea of purported “comparable sales” does not always work or fit as nicely as people like to think. Sometimes it fits more nicely, and sometimes it’s completely off. Often what *has* occurred has no bearing whatsoever on what *should* occur or what the real “real world” real end user value of a particular domain name is. The baseline real value for a rare prize domain like EE.com is 8 figures. If someone sells it for $500,000 one day, or $2 million, or $80,000, that has no bearing whatsoever on what its real world value is. It’s still worth at least 8 figures as a rare prize “commercial real estate” treasure.

      We need to have our minds retrained and deprogrammed away from being beaten down into false thinking, in favor of viewing “value” in empathy with the real world of real end market commercial users. And “empathy” here means the empathy of just how valuable certain domain names really are to qualified end users

      Remember the story about Hotels.com which even had its own thread here which you can find, how the company guy declared what a bargain $11 million had been after all despite having first felt otherwise. It’s really very clear, but the domain industry has been beaten down by enemies both within and without. This is the plain, clear and correct way to value and evaluate domain names:


  2. Interesting coincidence because probably less than 24 hours ago I was looking at a repeating two letter .com that is not being monetized and wondering what in the world the owner is thinking.

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