Daily Poll: Should GoDaddy Offer a GoDaddy Branded Landing Page?


In June of last year, GoDaddy’s began using a different landing page design for its NameFind portfolio. In August of this year, I noticed that NameFind was forwarding many of its valuable domain names to an Afternic form rather than using the newer landing page. This is the same landing page GoDaddy and Afternic clients are able to use.

As you can see on this Afternic landing page, there is no GoDaddy branding, even though GoDaddy owns Afternic and owns the domain names in the NameFind portfolio.

Last month at the GoDaddy meetup, I mentioned to a couple of people that I thought it would be better if the landing page was branded as GoDaddy rather than Afternic. GoDaddy has spent a ton of money and time building its brand, and it is much more well known than Afternic. Not everyone loves GoDaddy, but I think there would be a greater level of trust dealing with GoDaddy than Afternic, even though it is essentially one and the same. Joe Styler addressed this in a comment on NamePros and indicated that a GoDaddy-branded landing page could be in the works.

I am curious how readers feel about this. Do you think GoDaddy should use and offer a GoDaddy-branding domain name for sale landing page?

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  1. Yes. Most people outside of the domain community don’t know that Afternic is owned by GoDaddy.

    I purposely forward a lot of my domains to a GoDaddy auctions page instead of Afternic.
    People know and trust the GoDaddy brand.

  2. It’s amazing they haven’t done it a long time ago. How hard can it be? Unless, of course, GoDaddy doesn’t really want to be associated with Afternic’s antiquated UI.

  3. I have mentioned these numerous timesover the past few years to my acct manager and other contacts at GoDaddy. I can’t fathom why they don’t do it…

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