Daily Poll: Do You Sell Domain Names via Afternic?


It’s not every day that I watch a video related to the domain industry and learn from it. Yesterday, I shared the Paul Nicks keynote speech at NamesCon, and it was well worth my time. If you sell domain names via Afternic, I strongly recommend you watch it when you have time. It gives a great overview about how GoDaddy prices and sells domain names from its NameFind portfolio.

Having said that, I am curious if you use Afternic to sell your domain names. I have quite a few of my names listed for sale there and I am curious if others do as well. Participate in the poll below and feel free to share your thoughts about using Afternic if you would like.


  1. ” my names listed for sale there and I am curious if others do as well.”

    It is one thing to have domains listed at Afternic and another if they sell any.

    I don’t know why but Sedo sells twice as many for me compared to Afternic.
    I am happy because sedo charges 15% commission (or less). Where Afternic charges 20%.

    Charges more for their service and sells less. illogical ???

    • Are your domains listed with BINs at both Sedo & Afternic? And where are your domains parked?

      Personally I’ve seen very few leads coming from Sedo compared to Afternic. With both BIN and make offer.

    • I make at least 10x more domain sales at Afternic than at Sedo.

      While the extra 5% is real money, I feel that it is worth it to get the additional exposure and sales.

  2. 90% plus of my sales happen direct as that’s where I point the domains. Occasionally their distribution network will bring me a sale. With that said I find Afternic annoying as they are quick to contact you when a lead comes in so they make a commission yet when ya add domains to your account some sit in pending status for months. If a domain is listed in someone else’s account it rejects. I know the answer will be just email us and we’ll review everything and approve. Shouldn’t have to email get some actual humans to do their job or just shut afternic down and swap everything over to GoDaddy as customer service is non existent at Afternic unless you contact them with get these domains out of pending status, these are listed in someone else’s account approve them, etc… Those actions should automatically trigger a manual review not nothing happens unless ya email us.

    • “90% plus of my sales happen direct as that’s where I point the domains.”

      Very impressive.
      What type of ‘for sale’ page do you use?

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