Daily Poll: How Many Names Do You Hand Register Each Year?


I have never spent a lot of time and money hand registering domain names. Perhaps it is to my detriment, but I also don’t think I would have the patience to find unregistered and available domain names to buy. I think I hand registered just one domain name so far this year (UpForEverything.com). It would be interesting to see what others’ buying habits are.

Today’s poll question asks how many domain names you hand register each year. You are also welcome to share what types of domain names you look to hand register – ie new extensions, trending domain names, potential trend domain names…etc. Vote in the poll below and share your thoughts!


  1. Well, I already hand regged 4 domains this year. I am particularly interested in dropped names in upcoming niches. Had regging them is the cheapest way to create a portfolio around a niche.

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