Daily Poll: Do You Manage Your Own Inbound Leads?


When someone inquires about a domain name I own, I negotiate with them. The negotiation is one of the more riveting aspects of domain name ownership, and I enjoy it. Some people don’t feel comfortable negotiating and others prefer to use an expert – like a domain broker – when they get inbound leads. The thinking (from what I understand) is that they will end up with a better price if they work with someone who negotiates for a living, even after commission, than if they negotiated on their own. A negotiation can be stressful and time consuming, so handing off a negotiation to someone else is desirable for some people.

Today’s poll question is Do You Manage Your Own Inbound Leads? You are invited to vote in the poll below and are welcome to share additional thoughts in the comment section.


  1. If you do it yourself you can get the price to the buyer quicker. Brokers will cross-sell on your lander leads. If you get a fresh Broker and the lead is not handled correctly you may end up with hefty legal bills.

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