Daily Poll: How Many Times do You Follow Up on Old Leads?


It’s frustrating when an offer or inquiry comes in, I respond to it, and I don’t hear back from the buyer. It is even more frustrating when their offer is somewhat close to the asking price, and I think there is a pretty good shot of the deal getting done.

Following up on offers and inquiries is important. Brokers spend a lot of time following up with prospects. If you’ve ever inquired to buy a domain name listed via Uniregistry, you’ve probably received multiple follow up messages from their brokers over a lengthy period of time.

Re-connecting with old leads works, although it can be a bit annoying on the receiving end if the domain name is no longer of interest.

I would estimate I follow up anywhere from 1 to 3 times depending on the prospect and/or offer. The greater the chance of closing a deal, the more I will try to connect. I follow up via email, but I am not opposed to texting or calling. In fact, I think texting is one of the better ways to connect. I have discussed many domain names via text, although I typically use it to ensure my emails are making it to the prospect and to schedule a follow up phone call.

How many times do you follow up on old leads? Share in the poll below and feel free to expand in the comment section:

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  1. I typically follow up at least 7-10 times. There’s been a lot of research conducted that shows the importance of consistent follow-up.


    In addition, there are warm leads and cool leads. Warm leads being someone directly contacting (inbound) lead to you. The chances of someone replying to you and you actually getting an answer from a warm leads whether that’s a yes, no, or maybe, drop significantly a short time after they’ve inquired.


    I just pulled these two links from some of the first results from searching but most research I’ve seen illustrates these same points.

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