Daily Poll: Have You Had a Sale Published in DNJournal?


When I first started buying and selling domain names, I learned about DNJournal’s weekly sales reports, which archived the top publicly reported domain name sales. I had always wanted to have a sale that was large enough to be listed on DNJournal, and I was fortunate to have a few domain name sales listed a long time ago. These days, I keep my deals private, and it has been over six years since I last reported any sale publicly.

Although I keep my deals private, I am sure that others look at having a sale listed DNJournal as an honor and a mark of success. Some sales in DNJournal are reported by the marketplace, broker, or auction house (if privacy is not requested), and others are reported by one or both parties in the deal.

Have you had a sale published yet in DNJournal?


  1. I had the name sale of CashAdvance.loans published into the DNJournal about a year ago. After Home.loans sold for $500,000 earlier this year I came to the conclusion that I had sold it low at $2,500. Although I sold it low, in my opinion I still had a fantastic ROI from the original $40 registration and renewal price.

  2. I completed several sells between 2016-2018 but they were in the $5K-$8K range, but I wouldn’t report a domain name sale to DNJournal.com unless it was over $10K. But it is a personal goal to make the Top 100 for the year with a $50K+ sell sooner than later…

  3. In the past anywhere from 4-6 figures. Last 2 sales I’ve done recently 4.5k and 16k didn’t as I prefer less eyeballs on the existing 500+ domains I own. Only pat on the back I need these days is when the wire hits the bank.

  4. My best public sales on DNJournal were Diapers.co.in , Tire.co.in and Tyre.co.in , each for $20k

    For emerging cctlds, its critical to make end user sales public , DNJournal, Namebio and Namepros.

  5. Years ago I published a few (Releases.com, Usenet.org) and in fact made additional sales as a direct result of having them placed on a DNJournal. However, I find if you want to keep buyers you should ask first and a majority of the time they see no upside to it or initially say yes then back track. I just stopped asking.

  6. Yes, but only because I felt there was a good strategic business reason for publicizing it. Otherwise I normally keep all sales private under NDA.

    Additionally, had one or two of my purchases published at DNJ too, much to my surprise and disappointment, which I only discovered much later and would never have wanted public.

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