Daily Poll: Has a Major Site Been Launched on Your Sold Domain?

I’ve sold my fair share of domain names, but I don’t recall seeing one turn into a major website before. There are many domain names that have websites on them – some of them are pretty popular in their markets, but I don’t know of a sale that has turned into a major recognizable website that others would recognize. I know of a major website on a deal I just missed out on, but that’s all I can think of this morning.

Have you sold a domain name that was turned into a major website people would know about? You are welcome to share the domain name if you would like.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. It’s always satisfying witnessing a business arise from what was before just a domain.

    Off the top of my head, here’s two: 100.org, Humans.net.

  2. I love seeing a domain I sold become a nice developed website.
    Its funny. Some of my biggest sales do not resolve, go to another aftermarket place, are forwarded somewhere irrelevant to the site name, or even still point to my lander because new owners did not change NS. Weird.

    As for some nice sites I have seen after I have sold the domain, There are many. Just recently sold BeOnAlert.com looks like a sexual harrassment help site. Very timely and very cool. We live in a great time now. It is nice to see this BS being addressed all over the place.

    Sold a bunch of dot tv’s since I have been domaining. Here are some developed dot tv’s I have sold that I really like…

    Catholic.tv – the absolute best end users out there possible for this domain.

    Jackie.tv – Truly awesome lady. Did not want to sell to her at all, kept lowballing me, but she kept coming back to me for over a year. Finally talked to her and absolutely loved her story and her positivity and I was very happy to get this in her hands. She really deserves this beautiful short memorable dot tv domain.

    Concrete.tv – Now when I envision a dot tv site being all it can be, I look at this site. Only sold for $6500 about 5 years ago but they made it into a $xxx,xxx business and then some.

    Love seeing domains built out that I was able to get into the right persons/Companies hands. Makes me feel a tiny bit a part of it.

  3. I sold Maxar.com to Maxar Technologies (formerly MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates) who are involved in satellites and geospace technologies, with expert assistance from Vincent Baker and Uniregistry Market.

    Maxar (NYSE: MAXR. TSX: MAXR) has 6,500 employees and in an earlier incarnation assisted with the deployment of the Hubble Telescope.

    Naturally I’m very happy to have helped facilitate the latest version of their corporate identity since part of their mission statement reads like this:

    “The promise of new space is to ensure that everyone on the planet has access to the internet, telecom, and information that makes the world a better place. Access and transparency lifts up the billions of people who have a right to live at a first-world standard…”

    The domain was held at MarksMen and I had no idea who the buyer was for months.

  4. Nope. I sold a domain to a major sports league for $Xxxx and almost a year later it’s still showing the hosting companies site.

    On the other hand I sold a $350 domain and it’s in use

  5. i havent sold any but 3 of the domain names i let expire are currently developed websites

    i like seeing domains i used to own being bought by businesses that also see the same potential i saw when i bought them

  6. There are only a few viable sites (although not mainstream “major”) I can talk about, out of many sold:

    LiveU.com now resolves to LiveTV.com. It was originally based out of Israel but was destined & planned to be global. I see it is now based out of NYC. Live satellite/uplink/broadcasting company, available to all.

    Reactable.com preceded the invention of the popular interactive music table/instrument for social/group interaction, but they liked the domain, and the brand. Not a major site, but it’s cool and has some longevity now.

    SevereDryEye.com was acquired by Allergan, and stood alone for awhile, but now they send it deep into RefreshBrand.com

    Some that were acquired from me are not even in use, were never put into use, managed by the domain handler firms we all know, & can’t understand (the lack of use, redirect, or whatever). I just noticed that 3 separate and unrelated $xxK corporate acquisitions from me were apparently dropped years later, including two that were well used in their mainstream corporation/branding at the time. It never occurred to me to keep track of them, because I assumed they would be off the market for good. It’s a strange world. Thanks for triggering an interesting sojourn, Elliot!

    Tasha Kidd


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