Daily Poll: Have You Ever Had a Domain Name Legal Threat?


I think there are many people who unknowingly registered trademark related domain names. Some of these domain names may be egregious while others were registered and an obscure or unknown company claims to have a right to the domain name.

Domain name owners receive all kinds of legal threats. From simple email exchanges to cease and desist notices, from UDRP filings to Lanham Act lawsuits, the types of threats run the gamut. I would imagine there are many domain investors, perhaps even the majority of investors, have received some sort of legal threat.

For today’s poll, I am asking readers if they have ever received a legal threat related to their domain name:


  1. Threats don’t need to have a legal standing in order to be made. Scare tactics are often being used in an attempt to intimidate domain owners with domains that aren’t infringing on a mark.

    • “Scare tactics are often being used in an attempt to intimidate domain owners with domains that aren’t infringing on a mark.”


  2. I have said this before, having a business email address and phone number lowers the amount of threats and scare tactics. Filters out out the noise.
    It makes them think twice too.

    My NameSelling.com email address and phone number are proof of this. I had less people trying to mess with me after I switched to a business email address and phone number.
    You receive more spam though.
    That’s the trade-off I guess.

  3. I would speculate that everyone who have some decent domains have been threatened, justified or not.

    The amusing ones are the new companies that have the same name as one of my domains I have owned for 10-15 yrs.

    It is basically the same as, asking a retailer have you ever had a shoplifter?
    It is part of the business.

    Fortunately, I have not had any formal actions (udrp, fed court) against me in 15 yrs. (knock on wood)

  4. Don’t forget the trademark issuer doesn’t educate the trademark aplplicant and holder enough. Most trademarked holders automatically ass..usume, that they owned all words that are similar, sounds alike, look like , two words, single word, three words; this is including the acronyms. and soon….

    They pay for one trademarked, but wanted to own the world encyclopedia and the library of congress…

    Plain domain names are parked or just sit there; there is zero products in and out of the building. So where is the physical mark or products infringement? There is zero active used of the name in questioned…

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