Daily Poll: Does Domain Investing Ever Make You Feel Guilty?


Yesterday I wrote about a conversation I had that made me feel a bit guilty about investing in domain names. It doesn’t happen often, but on occasion I will feel a tinge of guilt about domain investing. I think there is a parallel between investing in domain names and investing in real estate, but most people probably don’t look at it that way. When someone has had a bad domain name experience – I occasionally feel guilty for being a domain investor.

Do you ever feel guilty about the business of domain investing?

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    • Buying a domain name that means nothing to me beyond its generic value but means a lot more to someone else who accidentally let it expire (perhaps due to mismanagement by a web developer, change in email address, or something along those lines).

      No big thing if you (or others) don’t feel guilty. I am just curious if others ever feel guilty about it.

  1. I was never contacted with someone has the DN expired. However, if the person is a regular “Joe/Jane” not being a Domainer, I’ll give the DN back for the same amount I purchased.

  2. I’m not sure why but I get a lot of people contacting me with sob stories about losing their domain. I just don’t reply any more. I don’t feel guilty about it, its just a business. Should the person who bought a foreclosed home feel guilty about the family who lost it? I don’t think so. Its got nothing to do with the new owner.

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