Daily Poll: Do You Need the www or HTTP?


My wife and I were driving in town over the weekend, and I noticed a pick up truck next to us that was using a new gTLD domain name. Seeing a new TLD being used is relatively rare, and seeing a local company using one is even more rare. I shared the photo on Twitter, and there were some comments about the company not using http:// or www.

I think using the new extension locally is fine for this company, and their usage could probably be cited as one of the reasons for having the new extensions. Today’s question asks if company’s like this should advertise their website with http:// and/or www or if that is unnecessary.

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  1. In this case it is better to have a http:// or a www. It will take some time for a common person to fully understand the new gtlds.

  2. I have been in the domain business for over 20 years and took a quick look at that photo and did not see any domain in it at all. I had to re-read your posting again to figure out what you were talking about. I thought “solutions” was part of their company name, due to the “S” at the end of SPS, so I thought they just were showing their company name there.

  3. I said yes because, despite that I like some of the new domains, I have to be honest. That means I have to say people would generally not have the slightest clue that something is a domain or web destination yet. The American public scarcely even knows .us exists since 2002. My experience was similar go Eric’s – took me a while to spot it there.

    • agree truck needed the WEB: sps.solutions
      if I had been sitting next to the truck – I wouldn’t have recognized that as a domain name…
      we are at least 5 years out from people making that sort of connection (if ever)

    • Right, but the thing domainers don’t seem to want to entertain is that it doesn’t have to stay that way (no I’m hardly a new tld pusher, just being straight).

  4. For people in the industry, we might know that is a domain. But for normal people, that is not a domain. They won’t know to type that into a browser. Looks like a business name or a slogan.

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