Daily Poll:Do You Buy via Domain Forums?


Domain sales threads are probably the most frequently posted threads on forums. Domain forums offer sections for high value domain names, standard domain names, specialty domain names, domain auctions, and perhaps some others I am not thinking about.

I am not much of an active participant on forums, but I visit regularly. There seem to be a fairly high volume of sales, especially on NamePros. Many of these sales go unreported.

Do you buy names on forums?


  1. Recently been buying bargain bin names and 4 letter .com and 4 letter .net domain names via Namepros. To see if I can maybe give them some domain love and flip them.

  2. Not for me Elliot. I find the high expectations most people have, for typically very “average at best” domains, on what is effectively a wholesale market somewhat ridiculous. For all of the great blog commentary and by proxy education that the likes of yourself, and others via Domaining provide to the market, the amount of rubbish people register then post on NamePro’s for someone else with similar limitations to say they “like” is rant amount to some kind of dopamine hit service. I recently repeatedly tried to provide constructive and reasonable commentary on a standard forum thread in which I have two premium investments (IoT related) and my comments were deleted by the admins as not relevant in an “appraisal thread.” My feedback referenced Namebio stats and simply challenged people to question if what they considered valuable would be considered so by an end user. It was not an appraisal thread, and sadly too many market participants are wasting their time on NamePros peddling nonsensical keyword junk, that no “retail” end user is ever likely to buy.

  3. I buy the occasional one when I see a clearance of some sort. As far as selling goes….. I prefer to sell via my own landers to qualified end users.

  4. No, most of those names have been spammed around, and have bad karma, or potential udrps in hiding associated with them.

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