Daily Poll: Do You Own Crypto Domain Names?

Cryptocurrency has been a hot topic (and investment) for the last couple of years. As a result, cryptocurrency related domain names have taken off in popularity and perhaps in value as well. It seems like every day, I see sales reports with cryptocurrency domain names at marketplaces like Sedo and auction venues like GoDaddy Auctions and NameJet. I don’t really own any crypto domain names (beyond a few hand registered names), but it seems like a lot of people are buying them.

Today’s poll question is do you own any crypto related domain names? You are welcome to share your thoughts below.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I suspect it’s not a good idea to go into them unless you have good familiarity and experience with crypto itself, unless it’s an obvious bargain.

    I recently got an offer for one I registered as an end user with no intent to sell by someone hiding behind one of the famous buyer services. I was not interested (long story).

    One thing is funny to me. I was not paying attention so much until recently to all the sales announcements for those kinds of domains. Looking at the recent reports of such sales, apparently I have quite a few that are really good myself.

  2. I have a Crypto_____.com domain name that I just got under a five-figure sales agreement yesterday. They have several months to pay it off. If they finish all the payments, I will consider it sold and announce.

  3. I own quite a bit — mostly .com and .org and a few .io.

    Sold a few. But most of my offers are lowball. I believe if I had the selling and negotiating skills of Michael Mann, I could sell most of the names in the portfolio and sail off into the enchanted sunset. But, alas, I ain’t no Michael Mann — so I sit on the docks and wait for the ship to come in…

    BTW — inbound/or outbound – the best way to sell crypto domains?

    • I’m pretty sure Mike Mann puts BIN prices on most of his domain names. He avoids dealing with lowball offers completely that way. Only those buyers seeing the value in the name take action to buy; the rest he can safely ignore.

      When he does sell a name, he likely has to apply the proceeds to the ever-hungry liability that the rest of his portfolio represents in the form of renewal fee bills. Certainly, a large sale like CryptoWorld.com helps him get over the liability hurdle and into portfolio profitability for the year.

      The crypto names I’ve sold have been the result of setting a BIN price and waiting. Nothing more. That is my ongoing strategy for the rest of the crypto-related names in my portfolio. I just hope and pray that people buy them all up for the bubble pops and all the irrational mania dies down later this year or in 2019.

    • What Mike Mann did with Binance was put his price up to $898K, when they were wiggling around about paying $195K, and that seemed to get the job done.

      Mike is a #’s man, have 300K domains, put a crazy BIN on most, and some are going to hit. If you could cherry pick his sales across a 10,000 strong portfolio you are in business, but the $2M+ in renewals eats a lot of the meat on his deals.

  4. No crypto-currency names here, ZERO! I avoid them like the plague.

    Sure, you can make money off them, but I don’t invest in scams, energy-wasting Ponzi schemes.
    Many people are used to invest in anything where they can make money off it, no matter what, disregarding all consequences/effects of their choice.
    That’s not me, thanks God. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I own crypto-related domains.
    I also own generic and brandable names.
    I am in the domaining business, not the screening business.
    I cannot control what happens to any of my sold domains, crypto or not.

  6. Coin, token, blockchain and bits or crypto related domain names are all for scams business? This statement are debatable and shallow.


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