Daily Poll: Could Someone Start Today and Make Money?


There are many introductory posts on domain forums from people who are just starting out investing in domain names. Beyond the forums, people register domain names each day with the hope of making money from them.

Making money from domain investments can take a considerable bankroll, in addition to countless hours learning about domain names. Even then, there is no guarantee of success.

Do you think someone can start today and make money from domain investing? Let’s assume they have an average bankroll and no special knowledge about domain names or domain investing.

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  1. Yes, as the experts above have stated you will have to sell out 50X what you expect to bring in year 1, and then build from there, but aftermarket prices are high right now, to much forward risk. Names that many acquired for min bid now go for hundreds, to much upside risk for newbies.

  2. They’ll make money for registrars by hand registering domains that may never sell. This is similar to network marketing or daytrading in that yes its profitable but only for the top 5%. And I’m being generous there with domaining. It might be 1%.

  3. obviously the more you spend, the more you can make, but quality over quantity is the key. elliot’s acquisitions are a good example of how to do it right. i’m all about .com, but .org is a solid bet as well. personally, i regularly acquire $xxx expired names at auction and sell for mid $xxxx ($2-4k being the sweet spot for many end users). recently, i’ve even sold a hand reg for high $xxx and two more for mid $xxxx. there’s money to be made if you know what sells. study comps at namebio.com and dnpric.es. build a list of popular one-syllable keywords and find brandable two-word combos of said keywords. look for popular root words, then buy the form of the word that ends in -ed, -able, -ing, etc. good luck!

  4. Sorry, but no. It’s too late.

    Everything that’s worth buying has been bought; everything which could be profitably sold has been sold.

    Far, far better to buy lottery tickets.

    (above stated with tongue planted firmly in cheek)

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