Daily Poll: Have You Attended a Domain Investor Meetup or Conference?


I had been involved in domain investing for several years before attending my first conference. Over the years, I have attended quite a few conferences (TRAFFIC, DomainFest, NamesCon, The Domain Conference…etc). I have also attended a few domain investor meetups in New York and Boston. I think meeting up with a group of people in the domain space can be helpful and it’s a good way to get to know others in the domain space.

Despite the fact that there are industry events around the world now, I would bet that the majority of people who invest in domain names have never attended an event. Have you attended a domain industry conference or local meetup of domain investors? Vote in the poll below. If you haven’t attended an event, I would be curious to know why, so feel free to share a comment.


  1. NamesCon, is the one I have been to so far, it was a great conference. It would be great if you could put a recommendation list of conferences – that make sense for domain investors to check out. Trying to ID and budget for conference travel but a solid recomed list – I haven’t come across yet. Thanks for the great info as always, Brian

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