Creating an “Out Strategy”


Reading Sahar’s post this morning has me also wondering what people have in place as an “out strategy.” What if domain values suddenly dropped (due to a number of possible factors), and the value of undeveloped domain names suddenly plummeted? I can’t even imagine this happening on one and two word category killer .com domain names, but this is something to think about for people whose portfolios may be made up of decent, but not killer domain names.

As with any market crash, panicking will only make things worse. I would advise against rushed selling just because the perceived value has decreased. The domain market is always in somewhat of a state of flux because there is no completely accurate price guide.

Here are five recommendations I would make while you evaluate your portfolio (which is always a good thing at this time of year)
1. Cash in hand is very important – (you can’t pay your taxes with domain inventory)
2. Have a development plan for each name you own. If PPC advertising drops, you will be more protected
3. Trim down your portfolio ($8/year x # of names is expensive).
4. Drop names that realistically have no chance of making money unless someone random wants the name to start a business. A few names at $8/year is nothing major, but if you have 500 or 5,000 this is a huge sunk cost.
5. Make less speculative purchases. Just because Brittney’s sister is pregnant, doesn’t mean you need to try to guess the name of the baby and buy 100 .com names.

As an aside, if you are concerned about this and want to cash out of your one word category killer .com names, drop me a note 🙂

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