Constantine Roussos Announces .Music Win

Yesterday morning, Kevin Murphy from Domain Incite predicted that Constantine Roussos’ company (DotMusic) would prevail in the application to operate the .Music domain registry. “it seems to me the balance of evidence right now is strongly pointing to a win for DotMusic over sole remaining rival bidder MMX,” Kevin wrote yesterday. It looks like Kevin’s prediction was on point.

Earlier this evening, Constantine Roussos reported that his company prevailed and will become the operates of .Music:

I’ve met Constantine at a couple of NamesCon conferences, and I pretty much only know of him as the person who has gone through many trials and tribulations in his effort to win the rights to operate .Music. His company was bidding against Google, Amazon, MMX, and other companies, and it prevailed.

I do not have any details about how much it cost to win the right to operate the registry, nor do I know how much effort the other companies made. Regardless of those details, I am sure Constantine and his team are ecstatic right now.

Depending on the business model chosen by .Music, I think the registry has a good chance of succeeding. It is clear that the management of the .Music registry is passionate about .Music domain names and that should be helpful to them.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. That one more than any other could get people to become pretty aware of the neoTLDs. is available to reg.

    More than .web and more than .app.

    TONS of famous people would almost certainly use it, aside from others. It would probably appear on TV a lot.

    That one is actually not bad at all. It’s actually quite good.

    I claim dibs on and

    There would still be the lack of price controls, however. They could definitely still ruin this one depending on how it is implemented.

    Despite this one being good, it’s still not enough to make me want to not drop almost everyone I still have left, which is not many.

  2. Underdog story but I doubt he is going to work a miracle where every other new tld has been a flop. Most celebrities will continue to use .com. For a music act is is normally quite attainable as the name is usually pretty random. How many don’t own their .com? Would a record company be silly enough to suggest a band use a new tld?

  3. Dot Music looks set to be another successful new extension, and it is highly appropriate that it is extremely likely to quickly jump into the New gTLD Top Forty.

    No less than 39 of the New gTLD Top Forty have more than 100,000 registrations.

    Congratulations to Constantine!

    – – – – – – – –

    The new gTLDs are making progress. Want to work for the world’s wealthiest company? Simple. Just go to:

  4. Great story, but i just don’t see .music saving the new gTLD’s
    I see .music doing as well as .club or a bit better, because both strings have passionate registry owners.

  5. Dude, flip that string to Google, Amazon, MMX or whoever was an applicant / bidder for that TLD, cash out $20m and ride into the sunset. .music will never have more than 100k registrations at $10 a pop anyway.

  6. I don’t believe .music will save the GTLDs, but I believe this could be a viable extension because Constantine has the resources and commitment to music to make this one work. He could create a music ecosystem – sites, promotions, tours, fests, etc
    I wish him well — and even though I’m not a fan of the GTLDs, I do pull for those who are committed to put in the time and effort to make a venture/project work!

    • Yes, can’t save them, but this one is genuinely good. Even though I’m in the process of dumping pretty much everyone I still have, I would reg a few of these for my own use if the basic reg fee is agreeable. I won’t be doing that if it’s going to be a particularly high reg fee, however, especially since there are no price controls. And any super cheap first year/very high after that scheme would not be appealing either. Been there, done that.

      If they honor my dibs on the two I mentioned above at reg fee, however, then I’ll definitely like using them. When someone calls dibs it’s a very serious thing.

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