Congrats to Karen!


Every once in a while, I sprinkle in some personal tidbits on to my blog, and I hope you don’t mind. This morning, I want to congratulate my wife on successfully defending her doctoral dissertation yesterday afternoon.

Karen has been in graduate school earning a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology for the last 4+ years, and she is currently in the midst of her 5th year internship. Karen worked hard on her dissertation (and for the last 4 years of grad school), and I am very proud of her accomplishments!

Now we’re off to Florida to celebrate.


  1. Hi Elliot & Karen,

    Well done Karen!!!

    I know how happy Lois was when she finished her Masters Degree that she had been working on.

    Great job & have fun in Miami!


    Ed Keay-Smith

  2. Congrats Karen! I’m sure it was tough going, but with Elliot’s support, you’ve made a great accomplishment. GL as you continue on!

    Will she be with you when you drop in, in Miami? Would be nice to meet her and congratulate her in person.

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