.Com & .Net Prices Increasing Tomorrow


As you should be aware by now, the price of .com and .net domain names will increase tomorrow, January 15, 2012. While some registrars are passing the exact price increase percentage along to clients, others use this as an opportunity to raise prices even higher.

Here are the price increase details from Verisign, the company that operates the .com and .net domain registries:  “Verisign announced that as of Jan. 15, 2012, the registry fee for .com domain names will increase from $7.34 to $7.85 and that the registry fee for .net domain names will increase from $4.65 to $5.11.” Keep in mind these are the wholesale prices and not the retail prices we pay.

If you have .com and .net domain names to renew in the near future, or if you want to renew some of your better domain names at the current lower price, you should take steps to do that ASAP today. Come tomorrow, prices will be increased across the board.


  1. That’s correct, the prices will change at midnight eastern. Right now our transfers are still crazy cheap at 7.39 for com/net, but will go up to 8.49 tomorrow. Despite the price increase for com/net, we’ll still have promo code “NEW” for 9.25 com/net first-year reg and renewal. And we’ll throw in free whois for anyone who asks. twitter.com/namedotcom or facebook.com/namedotcom

  2. More hike in .COM also.

    But for more amazed data from my personal research >>

    80% of .COM domains, either Parked, Forwarded or Dead.

    86% of .IN domains, Parked, forwarded or dead.

    So what exactly this domain industry is ?

    Just a big bubble, where 80% of domains are kept on parkings to generate revenue or for resell them in higher price.

  3. Dotster is gouging long time customers by charging $16.99 per year for a .net — what a ripoff! They give the new .net customers a break at $8.99 and screw their long time customers with $16.99. Time to find a new registrar. The .com names are at $11.98. I called customer service and the guy had little to say except ‘sorry’. With the little increase I see in wholesale pricing, this is just a reflection of the big corp screwing the little guys as much as possible. Sorry for the negativity, but this really annoyed me.

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