Offering Free Box of K Cup Samples

Last week, I reached out to a number of companies and people that are involved in the domain space to see if there was interest in doing a giveaway to readers of my blog. Bill McClure of (as well as made an offer on behalf of his company, and I want to share it with those of you who are coffee lovers:

“Elliot, thank you for the offer.  We have recently launched Miss Ellie’s Real Cups for the Keurig K-Cup brewers.  I would like to send any domainer a free box of samples Miss Ellie’s Breakfast Blend, Donut Shop and Dark Roast Real Cups.  Just send a note with the address to Ellie at  We appreciate the opportunity to “Make a Smile with Every Sip”.    Hope to see you at Traffic next month.  Best Regards,  Bill Mac”

If you want a free box of K-cup samples from, get in touch with Ellie as directed above. This offer is valid for 30 days (or unless otherwise changed beforehand.

I drink 2-3 cups of coffee from my Keurig a day, and I am going to take Bill up on his offer now! Please do not post comments with your mailing information on my blog!

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Elliot

    This is great for your readers – hopefully Bill Mac gets his advertising out of it (I can see this going to FatWallet soon hope he doesn’t regret the offer!)

    Also just as an aside.

    It says a lot that you will thank people that comment on your blog. Says a lot about you.

    • I think Bill’s intent is to introduce domain investors to his brand rather, and if demand is much greater than Bill thought it would be, I can pull this offer down at his request.

      I appreciate comments on my blog (aside from the very few that are offensive). I think an active discussion makes the blog more interesting, and I appreciate it when people give their time offering feedback and insight.

      BTW, thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. A nice guy on the nice guy blog.

    Braden P. mentioned Bill M. to me a few years back because both of us being in the same product sector, only on different continents. Maybe we might cross tracks at some convention one day.

    Coffee is a tough business to be in and you have to know what your doing to survive. I speak of multiple years of experience in the coffee market. You simply have to love and be passionate about the product.

    For Bill M. to be making such a offer to the domainer community is pure and simple a nice move and less trying to make a mark. The domainer community is to small to move a needle in his business.

    • Duane, that’s really good to hear. I think success has a lot to do with creating new customer relationships while honoring the old ones. I would like to be that kind of domainer, too.

  3. I tried to buy from Peets Coffee when Ellie and I started in the coffee business a number of years ago. was our second choice, we acquired it from a coffee growing family in Hawaii for $100,000. I think we paid a fair price, however, we have invested million(S) in developing the business. It is a real grind. B Mac

  4. It is a unique twist for them to offer domainers coffee like that. Usually companies would shy away from such actions. Good to see someone thinks outside of the box.

    Just a shame that no one outside of the states could give it a go!

    • I received mine and have pretty much used them up. The pack was 6 strong: 2 donut, 2 breakfast, 2 dark roast.

      As expected I found the breakfast kind of bland – not in a bad way, but that’s what breakfast coffee is supposed to be. The dark roast was pretty good for the price (it’s competitive). It will never match a proper cup from an espresso percolator but I’m compromising with convenience.

      What I can say is that given that the sample was free – it was shipped same day,arrived 2 days later, came with an email (which seemed personalized to this offer) and what looked like a hand written note. Obviously, service doesn’t mean anything if the taste of coffee sucks but all things being equal there is definitely some attempt to ring true with the treating your customers right concept.

      I was honestly impressed and may very well order some more coffee – I saw they had the Marley brand – may have to try that next.

      All in all I would recommend them.

      Thanks Bill.


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