Citigroup Really Gets It!


Citi LogoLast week I blogged about Citibank’s purchase of to go along with its “Thank You Rewards Program.” While it may seem like the obvious domain name for this program, many corporations simply assume its customers will find out more information about a branded product or service by navigating to the corporate site instead. Last week, I congratulated Citibank on this wise purchase.

I was reading a post on Frank Schilling’s blog about Citigroup’s branding of, and I wanted to bring attention to this. Clearly the purchase isn’t just a one time smart move. There is a strong marketing culture at Citigroup, and its domain acquisitions prove that the company understands its customers’ web surfing habits. is miles ahead of any other domain name in the mortgage industry. Sure, Citigroup executives could have said “if a potential customer wants a mortgage from us, they will navigate to or” This could have been true, and nobody would really say otherwise. However, the Citi branding of allows Citigroup to make their pitch to ANY potential customer who wants a mortgage and visits this site. Instead of paying $x.xx or more per click to attract customers to its site, they now own all of these leads. They’ve eliminated the competition that existed, and they don’t have to compete with other advertisers.

It’s so easy, but so many companies just don’t understand this. I can’t say enough positive things about this great purchase.

**Although was acquired by Citigroup, when they purchased ABN AMRO Mortgage Group, Inc.

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  1. citibank acquired abn
    had this discussion on Rick’s board because they TM’d it and someone on there was all excited he had a different extension

  2. Hi,

    It nice to see this starting to happen…I have noticed more TV advertisements with ‘generic keywords’ being used recently.

    This one comes to mind:

    Hyundai (car company)
    (3rd down)

    Looks like they put a decent amount of $ into this advertising campaign…not a bad one at all.

    You sure be a great trend…these folks starting to ‘get it’.


  3. I was recently trying to market to about 30 companies that design, build and install geodesic domes or geodesic dome homes as they call them. It’s not a dot com, but it gets about 50 type-in visitors a month who are mostly looking for information about this exact subject. I made the point to these companies that the domain is a perpetual lead generator. I only got one reply, from a company that offered me $50. Maybe I should have tried to explain it to them, but we were so far apart I didn’t see the point.

    You’re right, many companies (large and small) just don’t get it.

  4. DomainerPro…

    I feel for you…

    They will have to ‘get it’…sooner or later.

    Just keep re-registering it.

    It will pay off.


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