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As most people in the domain industry know, as soon as you tell friends what you do, most immediately start naming names asking if they’re available. Sometimes this lasts for just a few minutes, sometimes a few days, and sometimes the friend decides he wants to get started in the business. I’ve know of a number of people who heard about the domain industry and “caught the bug.”
A good friend of mine in the finance industry has been trying to cut his teeth in the domain industry. I’ve been giving him pointers along the way, and I think he was able to buy a few good names along the way. Since my opinion might be a bit biased, I would like others to let me know what you think of some of his domain names:
So do you think my friend registered some decent names, or should he stick to his day job?

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I think it was smart to dabble in something he was intimately familiar with. Not only does he have the (assuming) deep knowledge of the very keywords, he probably knows where the prospects are too.
    He would be better equipped to sell those domains than myself or any other regular domainer.

  2. Having gone through the phase of regging “cute” and three-word domains, I’d probably stay away from these domains, UNLESS I had plans to develop or flip them immediately.
    The individual words may be high keyword value, but together they don’t seem impressive. I find “Pimp My [anything]” particularly repulsive, a “fad” slang term that has lasted far too long. Like we need more porn sites. For those of you who have kids or grandkids and as someone who runs a forum (and, thus, fights the daily porn battle with spammers), one tends to look at the porn industry differently.
    But perhaps we all have to go through this “reg everything” phase, though it can be an expensive lesson.

  3. I think your friend is a very good student, and has learned well.
    Thanks a lot for posting this, too. I just regged and (Estibot shows much love for ’em).
    Thanks again!

  4. My 50 years old father got domain fever too, when I told him about some domains I bought. He spent last 5 days searching nonstop for domains and called me every 10 minutes telling me he find goldmine. Surprisingly his names has not been bad at all.

  5. On a reread of my post, I noticed that I came on a little snarky, so I just wanted to add:
    If your friend is passionate about domaining, then he should pursue this career because choosing good keywords and “getting” the generic concept can be learned.
    At the beginning, I regged some really horrid domains, much worse than your friend’s picks. It’s embarrassing to think about now.
    As to quitting his day job, he may want to hold on until he sees where the economy is headed.
    Things seem to be a bit up in the air right now.
    But good luck to him, whatever he decides.

  6. i also like – not sure about the specific currency investing plays – seems like a very narrow niche – quitting a day job that more than likely pays the bills is a very big leap of faith.

  7. If you are going to get into domains, invest in good stuff. Your friend is doing the equivalent of investing in penny stocks right now… it’ll take him a long time to recoup (if ever). I say go big (with better domains) or go home.

  8. Keep – solid name and easy development…drop the rest. If you like the route you have taken, just get 1 foreigncurrency related domain. Even so, the key on this phase for your friend is to cut the crap before renewal. Reality is he will reg 300 of 350 names in the first year that are not worth the renewal fees – unless he gets real selective real fast.
    Also, unless he has huge mass – he will get frustrated waiting for any offer on these that can cover reg fees. Yet, the 1-2 good ones are worth hanging on to.

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