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I had an email conversation with Shane, and we ended up briefly talking about social media traffic. When I looked into how much traffic Twitter and Facebook drive to my website, I was pretty surprised at the number.

I post links to my articles on my Facebook and Twitter feeds, often with commentary about the articles (well, as much commentary as you might expect). My blog has over 2,400  Twitter  “followers” and my blog has 220  Facebook  “likes.”    Before looking into it, I expected that there would be a good amount of traffic from Twitter and Facebook.

Upon closer inspection, it looks like I was wrong about that, and perhaps I should even stop spending time posting article links. Here’s the amount of traffic my blog received via Twitter and Facebook in the last 30 days, according to Google Analytics:

  • Twitter: 876 visits
  • Facebook: 764 visits

In total, just over 1,600 visits in the past 30 days. Considering my blog has received over 54,000 visits in the last 30 days, social media accounts for a  minuscule  amount of traffic (around 3%). I thought that number would be far higher.

Clearly, I am not doing a great job utilizing social media. Perhaps it’s because I only follow 59 people on Twitter and should amp that up. Maybe it’s because I use Twitter to dispense my own links rather than using it to share links. Whatever the case, I am pretty surprised by the lack of social media traffic.

Can You Block a Competitor’s Links From Appearing on Facebook?

A while back, I set up a Facebook page for my blog. At the moment, there are 177 “followers” of Elliot’s Blog on Facebook, all of whom opted in to be a “follower.” Although I do have a bit of dialog on the Facebook wall, I prefer to discuss articles on my blog since the readership is far greater and it would be more information for others to read.

I often post links to articles from my blog on this Facebook page’s wall to let people know that a new post has gone up. I don’t post links to my articles on my personal Facebook page because I can assure you that none of my friends care about what I am posting on my business blog. Therefore, the only people who should see these links are those who have opted in to my Facebook page or perhaps others if someone else posted a link on their own wall.

Yesterday afternoon, I tried to post a link to a new article and received an error message when I tried: “This message contains blocked content that has previously been flagged as abusive or spammy.  Let us know if you think this is an error.”

I assume this means someone reported a link to my blog as spam. I don’t believe a “competitor” actually reported the link, but having this happen leads me to believe a competitor could easily do this to another company (or ask someone unrelated to do it) and have the other company’s links blocked. This can be problematic for a company that is spending a considerable amount of money sending users to its Facebook page.

It shouldn’t be too difficult for a company to prove to Facebook that its links aren’t “abusive or spammy,” but if a company is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a well-timed marketing campaign, losing the ability to post links for a few hours or possibly days can be damaging.

I reported this issue to Facebook, and hopefully someone will look into it to see that my posting links to articles on my blog directly on my blog’s opt-in Facebook wall is not spammy nor is it abusive.

2009 PostRank Domain Awards

Mark Fulton at DotSauce wrote a post about PostRank a few weeks ago, and I thought his write up was very good. It’s an interesting website for sure, and it was neat to look around and explore. There is a category for domain name blogs, and it currently has 25 feeds included (I am not sure how to add feeds).

The rankings in the Domain Name category change weekly I believe, so there’s no real reason to post the current standings for domain blogs as they are fluid. However, at the beginning of 2010, PostRank doled out awards for 2009, and I thought I would share the results of their rankings:

Most Influential: Rick Schwartz’s Blog

Biggest Mover & Shaker: Domain Name Wire

Top 3 Blogs: The Domains, Domain Name Wire, Elliot’s Blog

I do think the results are a bit flawed because they didn’t include some of the best known and most widely read blogs such as DNJournal. I think the results for 2010 are going to be interesting because it seems there are many bloggers who are active social networkers, especially   Twitter and Facebook.

I don’t know who pays close attention to PostRank’s results, but if you rely on advertising revenue to support your website, it’s another way to show that your website is engaging to its readers and those people who visit. Advertisers like to have placements on websites where the readers are actively engaged.

TMZ Using Meebo for Social Networking

Meebo BarI noticed a new menu bar sitting above the load bar when I visited TMZ, and I learned they are using a company called Meebo to help with their social networking. The Meebo Bar allows you to share the page, Like it on Facebook, share it on Twitter, and/or chat with your friends on Facebook and AIM.

One clever feature that isn’t as obvious can be seen when you mouse over one of the images or videos. A message appears telling you to “drag to share,” and when you drag this image/video, another full menu appears allowing you to “drop” the image in the place you’d like to share the story – Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, Yahoo, or email. It seems to be a very cool way to easily share articles.

The one downside I noticed off the bat is that the site seems to load much more slowly than before the Meebo tools were added, and it’s a bit annoying to have the page loading for a few seconds after arriving.

For those of you who are developing your domain names, it’s a good idea to look at the features offered on popular websites like to see what types of plugins, widgets, and add-ons you can put on your sites. I don’t think the Meebo social networking tools would be worth adding on my blog, but I could potentially find a use for it on one or more of my sites.

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