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Snapnames Live Auctions

As a buyer, I love the fact that Snapnames allows people to search for current auctions by price and number of bidders. I went through some of the top Snapnames auctions that are closing soon and listed a few I like:

SurveillanceVideo.com – Would be a cool site for videos of convenience store botched robberies. It could also be a remote security company site to monitor home surveillance video cameras. (Auction ends May 23)

LosAngelesRentalCar.com – LA has a huge airport and there are a ton of autos rented every day. Create some content about the airport and sign an affiliate deal (Auction ends May 22)

GuitarEnthusiast.com – Would be a great blog for a guitar lover (Auction ends May 23)

1) I might bid
2) It’s my affiliate code, so if I lose, at least I might earn some revenue 🙂

FBS.com in Auction


I saw a nice domain name up for auction at Snapnames today: FBS.com. At the moment, there are 5 hours remaining to bid. I can’t really suggest a use for the name, which is why I am not bidding, but there’s something about the name I like.

Updated Top Drops at Snap


I just did some searching on Snapnames, and I updated my Top Snapnames Drops page. I don’t usually buy .org domain names, but there are a couple of nice ones that will be dropping.

DomainInvesting.com a “Top Drop”

I just updated my picks for “Top Drops” on Snapnames.   One name that might be of particular interest to domain owners in the name DomainInvesting.com.   Although DomainInvesting.com does not appear to be a standard dropping domain name, it is certainly one that could be used by a domain investor in a variety of ways.   It’s in auction through February 3, and the current auction price is just $240.


Bidding is now up to $675.

DotWeekly: Snapnames Makes it Easy

According to DotWeekly, Snapnames is allowing customers who use their Seller Program to auction their names without transferring them to Snapnames’ registrar. They will now allow Moniker-residing domain names to be auctioned on their platform. Previously, if you wanted to auction your names using the private program, you had to transfer them to Snap first. With no guarantee of sale, it was doubling the registration fee, so it wasn’t always optimal.
I am kicking myself a bit right now, having recently sold 45 decent names for $1,000. My names were at Moniker, and I thought they would be great to sell via Snapnames, but I didn’t want to pay the $7+/- transfer fee. Three of the names on the list were similar to a name I sold via Snapnames in October for $750. Tough break, but my buyer got a great deal!
This is a great idea, and I applaud the folks at Oversee.net and Moniker for making this happen. Frequently when companies are acquired, the biggest hassle is when they try to work together. It seems that there is some good synergy between these two companies, and it’s working to benefit their customers.

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