CarInsurance.TV Sells for $13k and Now CarInsuranceQuotes.TV on The Market for $16+ Million

DN Journal reported the $13,200 sale of CarInsurance.TV in this week’s domain sales report. The sale was closed by the team at Sedo, and it was the second highest ccTLD sale of the week, trailing the sale of, which sold for $100,000.

In case you are interested in a similar domain name, I may have found one for you, although the price is a bit higher.

CarInsuranceQuotes.TV is currently on the market at Sedo for the ambitious listing price of just $16,777,215. That would be around €11,383,632 at today’s exchange rate. If it sold, it would likely set the record for highest recorded domain sale of all time, and certainly set the record for highest ccTLD sale.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. How about I throw in my and for a measly extra 1,000,000 so the buyer can complete his purchase and dollar cost average them! …just a thought

  2. Does seem strange because I think it requires Sedo’s approval to have an asking price over $10,000 USD.

  3. Don’t you have to get permission even as a Sedo Pro member to set prices above $10,000? I have a Sedo Pro account and I am fairly sure it has this restriction.

  4. Typo, sold for $100k, currently says in your article. sold for the same as did earlier this year. ‘Deal’ domains are pretty hot. Comparatively, do you (anyone, everyone) think and are worth about the same dollar value?

  5. is am amazing domain and would make an amazing brand. However, Poker is probably a top 5-10 keyword. I don’t think they are really in the same league to be honest.

    If you go to a site like you can see how many obscure extensions “Poker” has sold in (50+). That just shows how popular the keyword is.


  6. Must be a brokers nephew thats selling it…I can’t imagine
    why Sedo would make themselves look so foolish by allowing

  7. I suppose one could ask how much might the .COM or .Net have sold for? Given the search volume for “car insurance” I suspect much, much higher. While a five-figure .TV sale doesn’t get reported every week, I’m actually a little disappointed in the price. On the other hand, .TV and car insurance don’t quite have the ring that a geo .TV would have.

  8. will never compete against or have direct navigation. Plus the powers of branding in .com are amazing in the USA market.

    While some domains are doing well in certain parts of the world and UK market, the USA market in .tv is years off imo

    This is coming from a .tv investor. And let’s not forget the plays too. Same thing. Long live the ballers in

  9. Now I’m not saying .tv won’t appreciate in value or .tv is doing well as a whole imo. Give it 3 years. Let’s see what happens.

  10. The fact is, if you want to enter the ‘insurance’ game on google nationwide, it’s a 200M per month enter point. That’s the amount you need to compete with the big insurance companies. When you are in the SEM biz and you have insurance clients, you know GEO car insurance and GEO auto insurance clicks for big markets are now over 100.00 a click, not the BS google shows in estimator.

    Any insurance .com is worth money, .tv, LOL Hardly, but .com is GOLD and cc tld with english speaking countries is GOLD

    All the big domainers missed insurance totally, schilling and schwartz, etc. NONE HOLD MAJOR INSURANCE terms

    I know one guy with a ton of INSURANCE terms. ONE

    He turns down insurance company offers frequently, they throw him numbers to buy, then he doubles it and says THAT’S THE MONTHLY RENT.

  11. This is the Kenny Powers domain game. Nationwide, baby. We sell ’em like hot cakes in hotlanta. You know who you are . I know I’m not you. I’m glad to know that there’ll never be a day you can be as much of a bad ass domainer as me.

  12. Insurance is really hot, but .tv – come on! sold for $50m and I heard that and sold for seven figures each. The next best thing is I bet that site/domain would sell for well over $10m. But….LOL

  13. Seems there are 25 domains listed at exactly 16,777,215 USD/EUR. Probably a glitch. (Quite a few of the 200 or so domains at above $1 Million have a similarly specific number attached.)

  14. OK here are my 2 cents because I believed in service domains (insurance, loans, mortgage, lawyers, etc) many years ago when many others were snapping up fancy music/games/ringtones kind of domains.

    We sold a bunch of insurance domains last year and this year is shaping even better than last year by looking at the offers/inquiries.

    We are one of the biggest insurance domain owners…almost 1500 insurance domains acquired over last many years including lots of geo insurance doomains.

    Glad to see insurance domains keep getting more interest every year.

    Just recently got a big offer for NewDriverInsurance and refused it because I wanted more. Btw, just check whois to see who owns ?


  15. 1500 insurance terms, nice, we have a huge insurance portfolio too, the only problem we see, is you have to deal with the big insurance companies whom are still in the dark ages, that’s why went for only 36M, it’s a 1B+ asset to any insurance giant that really understands the game.

    Just look up serps GEO auto insurance or GEO car insurance, this is the problem, the ppc is too expensive for the local buyer, old school ‘agents’ it’s all now 100 buck ppc buying from the big companies (yep do no believe the low estimates in google, top geo terms for auto/car insurance is 100+)

    so local agents can’t pay 100 or so per click, but big insurance companies can

    the reason

    insurance companies biggest expense used to be the local agent

    most of first year and nice residual income on new accounts they get

    so when they find a 3K a year new insurance policy they monetize it over 8 years on the books and have a 24K asset overnight

    instead of paying the agent thousands of that 24K, they now pay google

    so our portfolio was obtained to target local agents, then once we started dealing with them we understood, they can’t buy into the serps

    so now it’s dealing with a huge insurance company

    so we think the whole insurance game is gonna be rough

    if we could fit ppc with local agents, it would be like legal and medical, local players hitting geo ppc big time

    so the end result is, none of the names are going to get much traffic now that google tweaked serp’s to show 5 ppc ads and two maps

    we hit a bunch of maps as a test


    maps isn’t the need, as much as high rotation ppc

    so that means you are stuck dealing with morons in insurance companies

    the play might be to do an IPO as an actual insurance company to takeover the whole net with keywords

    any big time insurance company that gets a hold of a mega keyword portfolio like you’re describing and our own

    yeah they can manipulate ppc rotation better than the other agencies

    that means THEY CONTROL google for new clients

    so that’s the eventual play

    only the guys right now running insurance companies are dinosaurs, they have no clue as to the net

    hence, you see the top domain in the world going to a private marketing company

    without ppc, the name is dead

    that’s the whole tweak, google wants clicks going on high value cpc terms now to 5 ppc spots and 2 maps

    the maps are usually associated to local ppc buyers, but insurance is pretty much national buyers

    so that’s the ‘issues’ with anyone playing with insurance keywords

    if you own that many names, you might benefit from the info

    I don’t know who’s buying from you now, but it’s probably not the end user insurance company

    maybe local agents

    maybe speculators

    if it’s net marketers, they’re wasting their money

    organic on insurance terms for most serp’s geo car/auto insurance is ppc and top 2 maps, so organic is irrelevant there

    so what buy a domain?

    but if you’re selling great

    now the term you mentioned is not geo centered, so it has some organic potential

    we’re into geo centered stuff

    so our insurance stuff is on hold, not even bothering with local agents

    they can’t compete with ppc on geo auto/car terms

    and that’s where our portfolio needs to be

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