Cambridge Soundworks Understands the Internet


Subscribe to Elliot's BlogCambridge Soundworks is a smart Internet-based company. Several years ago, Cambridge Soundworks had several bricks and mortar stores and a smaller online presence. Each shop always had two or three knowledgeable sales representatives on the floor at all times, with more available during their peak season. They carried high end television and speaker products, and they weren’t necessarily located in the most expensive malls or retail locations.
A few years ago, Cambridge Soundworks ditched the bricks and mortar business model and went completely online. They cut overhead, cut real estate and shop rent fees, and cut their shipping costs among other cuts. They realized that consumers typically try out products before they buy (see televisions in stores and listen to stereos in sound rooms), but most consumers will check products out in the store and return home to find better prices online. They figured that they can let consumers check out products at Circuit City or local specialty stores and then buy online at Cambridge Soundworks. It’s a strategy that’s done them well for a few years.
Cambridge Soundworks also understands domain names. Of course they built their own brand name a while back (at least in New England), so they own their own dot com domain. They also own some other strong domain names related to their business.   Among others that I didn’t notice, they own and (strangely undeveloped).
Now, if they would only go after, which currently redirects to Google, they would be in the Hall of Fame!

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  1. Perhaps they have tried to acquire the domain It is obvious they understand the value in generic domains for their business model.
    I do not see selling though. =)

    Looks like its owned by Communicate, and the page now goes dead.

  2. This is a great story!
    I think they should attempt to acquire and I might even attempt to set up a deal for them.

  3. Hi Elliot:
    They also “get” traditional direct marketing practices.
    Their print ads utilize many traditional direct response tactics such as long copy, testimonials and tested offers.
    They are smart, successful and deserve to be.

  4. Having a strong and recgonized well established brand within a particular niche is way more powerful than just any generic domain that is developed… being considered as an “authority” is what matters most both online/offline…and especially internet based businesses like gamespot choose to forward for example to their own website for that reason. They are very smart and clever too 🙂

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