Bugs.com – Killer Domain Name!


I want to share a photo of a great domain name I just saw on the back of a truck:


There are a few interesting things I want to point out.

Bugs.com is an awesome domain name – perfect for a pest control company. It is short and super easy to remember. In fact, I remember Bugs.com more than the actual name of the company.

The owner of the company is not a called Bugs.com. The company is called Hulett Environmental Services. A Google search for the company shows that their website is found on Bugs.com. They are not using it as an easy to remember forwarder.

I don’t see any public sales record for Bugs.com, so I have no idea what the company paid to acquire this great domain name. It looks like the company may have acquired it back in 2003.

Bugs.com is a killer domain name and it’s nice to see it being used!


  1. Absolutely agree. My thought is it is vastly under utilized–should be a nationwide franchise that could easily compete with the Orkin Man or Terminix.

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