Bring on the Fall


I know this probably sounds strange, but I am excited for the Fall. Don’t get me wrong, I like the warm summer months, but being from the north, I love the colder months more. It also seems like people are more focused on business in the Fall and Winter than during the Summer.

This Summer has moved at a relaxing pace, and I believe things will pick up in a couple of weeks.

One thing you might want to do to pick up the pace is to reconnect with people who have either made offers to you to purchase a domain name, or you can recontact people that you have previously emailed to buy domain names. I’ve received a couple of emails in the last two days from people I had contacted a while back, so perhaps that’s indicitive of people looking to get back to business.

I also find that a second follow-up email on a domain inquiry can help move things along. Keep in mind that there are still people out there who don’t check email every day, and your email may have been read along with a bunch of others. Every few months, I look through my sent inquiries and see if there’s anything I want to reconnect on, and I follow up with an email or phone call.

The third quarter is in full swing, and we will soon be in the holiday season and end of the year, where people may value extra cash over non-performing domain names. Plant the seed now and work to make your next deal your best deal of the year.


  1. Elliot,

    When you send out emails do you send them all at once, one at a time, or in small groups?

    For example, if you have found 40 companies that might be interested in “domain name x” do you just copy and paste all 40 emails and send them in one shot?

    I am interested to hear what you do. My domain sales have gone down a bit in the last couple of weeks and I am curious as to why. I usually find 20-40 emails (takes about 35 minutes) then break them up into sets of 5 with the hope that it will not trigger spam filters and then send them BCC. Used to work like a charm, now I am wondering.


  2. @ Troy

    Almost all emails are done by hand one at a time. It’s more personal and I assume there’s less of a chance that the email will be flagged as spam. I also like to personally address emails, like “Hi Troy” rather than a general greeting.

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