Boston Globe Moves to Subscription Based Service on


What Will Happen to

Yesterday, The Boston Globe announced that it is launching a subscription based service on According to an article posted on,  “the company has decided to split its news brands – and The Boston Globe – into two distinct websites.”

It appears that the company plans to leave free to use for now, and it will remain ad-supported. will feature breaking news, sports, and weather reports, as well as classified advertising. It will also have travel, restaurant, entertainment, and hotel information. Essentially, it seems that is going to be a beefed up version of many city .com websites found in the network.

What will ultimately come of one of the best US city .com domain names remains of interest to me?  Could the Boston Globe ultimately sell off this prized website? Time will tell if the  subscription  based revenue model will work.

My gut says they will have a difficult time converting readers into paying subscribers. I don’t think it would be wise to sell of the brand, but who knows.

What do you think will happen to and do you think the subscription model will work?


  1. I think the answer to your query here Elliot, can be found in what newspapers are looking to do, or use to get back in the ‘game’ – Tablets, or Newspaper Tablets. May see a lot of newspapers going this route soon of ‘Buy a subscription and get a newspaper tablet’.

    “”The Tribune Co., one of the largest U.S. news enterprises, is working on a touchscreen tablet that it plans to offer to newspaper subscribers…

    …Tribune aims to offer the tablet for free, or at a highly subsidized price, to people who agree to sign up for extended subscriptions to one of its papers…””

  2. No doubt, implementing a subscription-based service is a tricky thing to pull off. The Boston Globe has a lot of ‘old school’ print expenses to pay for – i’d imagine a lot of eyes in the newspaper industry right now are watching this situ very carefully!

  3. OK I can get the news for free at or pay a subscription fee and have to login every time I want to check the news at Boston whatever. The WSJ does have a subscription model so it can work but you better have some unique quality content that is worth paying for. Otherwise… Lots of news is already available for free. Of course producing content is not free.

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