Bolt Bus is Awesome!


If you are exploring ways to get to New York City for TRAFFIC in September and you live in the northeast, I would recommend taking Bolt Bus, which is owned and operated by Greyhound. I just returned from a trip to Lowell, Massachusetts via Boston and took Bolt Bus to get their. Not only is the price just about the same as a trip on a Chinatown bus line, but they offer free WiFi to stay connected while on the road. Yes, I have a Blackberry to check email, but I was able to do other things wirelessly while on my way up north.
Bolt Bus has stops in Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC and New York City. Although they don’t operate out of New York’s Port Authority yet, it is still easy to find the bus.   Once in New York, you can quickly grab a cab or jump on the train to get to the hotel in Brooklyn.   If you want/need to stay connected while traveling to/from New York, I highly recommend taking Bolt Bus.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation.
    That’s a great name too which I bet was available for the reg fee. Looking at their site and seeing the graphics on the bus itself brings back some of the points I was making on your logo thread that often names can be enhanced with a visual connection.
    Also shows how stagnant companies like Greyhound can reinvent themselves by using a different brand to attract a different consumer.
    btw, I think it’s great that you are not an absentee landlord and are connecting with your community.

  2. between boston, nyc, nj, and DC the acela express is faster, serves booze and food, has big bathrooms. Tether a blackberry or get an air card and you have fast internet the whole way. Of course its 10-15 times the price of bolt bus, but for business travel i would recommend it.


    Acela is faster by about 45 minutes from Boston to NYC, but much more expensive. I only take the train during rush hour or if I need to get somewhere on time and only have a certain amount of time to do it. Otherwise, I will take the Bolt bus.

  3. Acela express one-way from Boston to NY (and vice versa)is about $120, and while I haven’t taken the Acela before, the last experience I had with Amtrak was abominable. I was travelling from NYC to Saratoga, NY, and Amtrak hadn’t planned enough cars to be available. I STOOD UP for an hour and a half before people unloaded at the first stop. Paying $89 to stand? I don’t think so. And the customer service was terrible, too… the conductors were 100% unapologetic for the problem. I should’ve written a letter but I was younger and didn’t see the value 🙂 I do now!
    Thank you for this Bolt Bus review, VERY helpful. I was about to spend $89 on an Amtrak but I think I’ve changed my mind.

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