Sells for $380,000 via GoDaddy

Paul Nicks, Go Daddy’s Domain Name Aftermarket Director, just informed me that sold for $380,000 via Go Daddy’s aftermarket. The domain name was listed via its partnership with Sedo and sold from as a make offer listing. appears to have been owned by a Hong Kong-based company called Red Trend Limited. The current registrant is someone named John Benedict with a Las Vegas address.  I called the phone number (a law office), and I left a message for Mr. Benedict. I will update this article if/when I hear back.

The domain name does not currently resolve.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Clearly a great deal for both buyer and seller. is a brilliant domain that could be used for so many things.

  2. Do You know if this name was promoted or brokered to various companies? Stock Market is at all time highs, money is cheap to borrow, real estate in some areas going fast, etc. Name like this why not $1 million plus.

  3. You’re right “body” can be used for many purposes, but this is one of those premiums that are too broad.

    I think it’s a good price for both parties.

    Probably would be best to develop into a health/human body type site.

  4. This same name sold in 2009 for $400,000. New owner an attorney in Vegas. Could this possibly be the next great Cirque de Solei show? Maybe.

  5. Without revealing too much, I would like to share a bit of domaining advice that has done me well.

    “Geo Domains”

    i.e. domains with city/state/country in them.

    There are so many ways you can monetize a geo domain, especially if it is a big city. It’s like owning a piece of land in a busy business corner.

    Again, I can’t reveal the secret sauce (besides, some of you may already know the recipe) but think “geo” and be smiling all the way to the bank.

    We really do live in the best of times for those that know how to jump on this domaining bandwagon.

    I see people buying/selling essentially worthless domains everyday. Some of them listed here on Elliot’s blog. Basically names that I wouldn’t hand reg if it became available.

    But geo domains…wow, they pay for themselves even if the acquisition barrier is high. And believe me, I have paid handsomely for some of them. But if you want to retire in Bangkok sipping on iced drinks by the beach, they will take you there.

    • You don’t need credentials to get into the game, but I assume people would want to know before taking advice from someone.

      If I said “I think you guys should all buy Apple stock because it’s going to go up in value,” I think you’d want to know if I was a successful investor or simply someone who owns a lot of Apple stock that I want to sell at a profit.

    • I am not trying to sell anything. And I am not talking “numbers”. I am simply sharing a domaining “niche” that has worked out well for me. In fact, when I started acquiring geo domains, they went for pretty cheap and I was surprised others hadn’t realized the golden opportunity. The price of admission has risen considerably now but I still find gems now and again.

      Anyways, I do realize this is not my blog so don’t want to step on any toes. I just wanted to throw my “big idea” out there for others to take in and perhaps incorporate in their domaining ventures.

      With that said, I hope for the sake of gentlemanly discussion, we all discuss comments and posts more on the basis of the content and thrust of the argument versus the “anonymous” person posting it.

      • For whatever reason, people are quick to jump on advice whether it has merit or not.

        I sold some geo+keyword names in the past few nice amounts that I am certain I couldn’t get today. For instance, I sold a few city Doctor .com (or maybe Doctors .com) names for mid $x,xxx years back, and I am quite sure they wouldn’t sell for as much today.

      • Well, people are smart (or dumb) enough to make their own decisions. If people jump on bad advice, that’s their fault.

        But as a “blog” I would argue that we should encourage and foster discussion, not quell and discourage it by semi ad hominem attacks (i.e. “What are credentials?”). Feel free to attack the message, not the messenger.

        As for “geo” domains, my strategy is not to buy and flip but to buy and develop. Humans have a primal instinct to become emotionally attached to the land/place they live in. As a domainer, you can play that to great advantage.

  6. Hi Elliot,

    Thanks for covering this!

    Our SedoMLS partnership with Go Daddy is an important one, and we’re thrilled to help close some great sales like that of in partnership with them. Looking forward to more great sales this year!

    Daniel @ Sedo

  7. @ Daniel,

    Was the domain listed at Godaddy?, If not, you guys pulled in a whopping $76,000 commission, 20% right?

    All that for securing funds, pushing a domain and disbursing a check.. Not much different than a 5K domain…

    I’ll bet your looking forward to more sales like these, who wouldn’t?

    If the transaction went through Godaddy/, the originating web site where the lead originated, the seller would have at least $38,000 more in his pocket..

    “SedoMLS” that’s some racket you guys got going.


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