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For quite some time, there has been talk about whether owning exact match keyword domain names is helpful when it comes to Google search results. When it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday searches, I found that the exact match .com domain names, and, did very well in Google search results.

For Black Friday, I looked at 8 generic keyword searches in Google. These are popular keyword terms such as Black Friday, Black Friday Ads, Black Friday Sales, and other similar keyword terms. My research found that ranked #1 in Google for two of these eight searches, and it ranked in the top 3 results in Google for four of these searches., another website with a keyword domain name, also did very well, ranking in the top 3 results on seven of the eight searches. It ranked as the #1 result in Google for two of these general Black Friday searches.

For Cyber Monday, I looked at nine keyword searches, which I performed in the same manner as the Black Friday research. I found that ranked #1 in Google for four of the nine searches. ranked in the top 3 results for five of the nine searches., another website that covers Cyber Monday, ranked in the top 3 results for two of the nine searches. Interestingly, I did not see in the top 3 results for its exact match Cyber Monday 2014 search result.

As I mentioned last week, is a website owned by domain investor Kevin Ham’s company, Reinvent Technology. is owned by the National Retail Federation.

There are, of course, lots of things to consider when it comes to the research I shared above and in the previous articles I published. Even though I used incognito mode, it’s very possible my previous browsing, search history, and even my choice of browser and location may have influenced the results. In addition, the results are a look at the keywords I searched at one moment in time, and they are likely fluid. Finally, keyword searches may not be all that important to some retailers.

My research shows that when a company builds a brand on a keyword domain name, it can rank well in Google, even when competing against major brands that spend millions of dollars on marketing and advertising.


  1. We own along with lets hope these do as well in the future-thanks for this great article.

  2. FYI, folks – this John who posted is not me and I would never have domains like that. Will the real John please stand up? That’s me…

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