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There has been quite a bit of talk lately about exact matching domain names (EMD) not performing as well in Google’s search results after the recent Google update, an event covered thoroughly by Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable.

My opinion has been that Google specifically targeted people and companies who used EMDs for content-poor websites that thought exact match domain names would boost their rankings despite the lacking content. I am not a SEO nor do I profess to have much SEO expertise, but I didn’t think the update would impact content-rich websites that used a EMD as its primary brand.

With the holiday season upon us, I want to share two important exact match domain names that appear to rank #1 for their exact match search terms., a domain name built into a website by Kevin Ham’s Reinvent, Inc. currently ranks #1 in Google for the exact match “Black Friday” term, that most likely drove millions of timely visitors to the website. is a domain name owned by the  National  Retail  Federation that advertises featured Cyber Monday deals, and it currently ranks #1 in Google for the exact match “Cyber Monday” term.

Keep a couple of important things in mind when analyzing this. First, both domain names are fully operational businesses that utilize the exact match domain names as brands. Second, both the Black Friday and Cyber Monday terms are highly competitive and there are thousands of large websites and brands (like Walmart and Target) that would love to rank #1 for these terms.

The next time you see an article about the dropping value of EMDs remember that Google IS targeting companies that have low quality websites on EMDs, but they don’t seem to be intentionally targeting high quality websites that use their EMDs as brands.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Im starting a new phenomenon with I just registered the name and there appears to be a growing interest to challenge “Black Friday” with the online/same day alternative. Internet shopping is exploding and now we have a same day challenge to Black Friday with “Click Friday”. The domain names are available and the opportunity is there. Who wants to get on board?

  2. I need enough people to get on board initially with buying into the concept. It could be a grass roots (online) alternative to Black Friday. A good start would be if people would register all of the top domain name extensions. Then I would set up Click Friday shopping sites. Next are press releases and promotion. It could really be THE place to shop online on Black Friday (Black Friday for homebodies if you will). By the way, what percentage of all shoppers actually go out to stores on Black Friday? Very small percent. Just look at the value that Black Friday is creating. What if Click Friday only became 1/10th of that. Is that a good prospect? I do need a few people with resources to buy in. Ill give 50% ownership of the name to someone who has the resources to take the name/concept to a level that will take on Black Friday.

  3. is a fantastic name. It sounds like “Black Friday” and it is a pure alternative to Black Friday. Without leaving the home. Also, the same model has worked magnificently for Cyber Monday.

  4. A few more comments on the viability and value of the domain name

    “Click Friday” sounds like Black Friday and it has the same number of characters.

    The name is self-explanatory. If I mentioned “Click Friday” as an alternative to “Black Friday” what would you think I was talking about? Any online shopper will know immediately.

    What percentage of people are turned off by Black Friday however would take advantage of “Click Friday” deals. In my experience only a small percentage of people are even interested in Black Friday.

    If the National Retail Federation is remotely savvy they will buy the name from me. I will offer it to them, however at this point the price is quite steep as it is a category killer domain.

    • DH, you need to get your head checked. You’re delusional.

      By the way, I just snatched up CLICKSUNDAY.COM.

      It’s gonna be B-I-G! I will market it towards all those people who hate to go to church every Sunday. Now, through the magic of the internets, all sinners can shop in the comfort of their own homes while the faithful are at worship.

      To appease the gods, I will donate 3% of all earnings towards the local animal shelter.

      C’mon everybody, get on board! I will give EACH investor 50% ownership of CLICKSUNDAY.COM (limit of 20 investors please).

      Get in on the ground floor and get going!

  5. The best part about EMD is the TYPE in traffic. Rick Schwartz is 100% right when he talks about this.

    These 2 domains do not even need Google LOL. Just imagine the 100% effortless free traffic when people type into their web browser.

    If an end user doesn’t understand the value of a EMD, just remind them of the type in traffic.

  6. Click Sunday,

    After your joking you may consider getting on board with There are many domains left such as and and .org.

  7. I have seen some companies run these “Black Friday 2” specials including Amazon just before Christmas since most people will not be ready to shop for Christmas in November itself. Also, when you end up charging the credit cards in Novemeber, you will get those card bills before the Christmas itself, so it makes sense to shop closer to Christmas if there was a “Black Friday 2” or a second chance for the Christmas shopping. 😉 Don’t worry about the credit card bills that you may incur for BlackFriday2 since you can pay them off with tax refunds in Think common man when you invent something. imo.

    Also, I have (typo) if anyone wants. It makes $100 every November. 🙂

  8. According to research firm comScore, Americans are expected to spend $1.5 billion, up from $1.25 billion last year on Cyber Monday, as retailers ramp up deals to get shoppers to click on their websites.

    How much of that can get?


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