Blackberry or iPhone?


Will Blackberry usage suffer with RIM service outage?

I think almost everyone I know has either a Blackberry, iPhone, or some other Android device that works as a phone and sends email. I’ve used a Blackberry for years, and although I love the iPhone functionality, I have become use to the Blackberry’s tactile keypad.

As you are probably aware, especially if you have a Blackberry, RIM’s service has basically been non-existant today. I have not received a single message on my Blackberry since 6:23am. I am getting Twitter updates, text messages, and phone calls, but my email is down.

Because I frequently work “on the go,” this Blackberry outage has been annoying and disruptive. Today has been one of the few days I’ve ever wished to own an Apple iPhone. I am curious if you own a Blackberry, iPhone, or other Android device.


  1. Basic Android but every day thinking of buying an iphone. Just trying to figure out how to justify the price.
    Apples app store is king. Plus Android games suck..

  2. iphone here…tried them all but iphone is hands down the superior OS and I’ve had no probs with the hardware either….I’m not a fanboy…I would love to use android but the app store is full of spammy comments and the OS has so much carrier overlay that OS updates are inconsistent and rare.

  3. LOVED my bb. Then it broke. Then I got an Android with a keyboard. It is not the same and caressing that wonderful blackberry. 🙂

    that kinda sounded like a country song….

  4. Who will be buying the 4s model?

    Also iphone users reading this, how much storage space did you buy? 16, 32 or 64 GB ?
    Can you really fill up 64 GB of space on a phone, is it possible?

  5. I have a 16gb 3GS and it’s fine. You won’t need more storage unless you want to put on a ton of music or games. I have a separate ipod for road trips which is 32gb. I don’t plan on upgrading my phone again until they stop updating the OS for it (which they have for the 3G now) or it breaks…or until people laugh at my phone 🙂

  6. I bought the Iphone 4S and love it.
    and since I bought the 4s I also bought a few domain related to it. lol

    Like the domains?

  7. I have an iPhone 4s, and I say that it’s way better than BlackBerry’s. Both of my best friends have BB’s and one of them had to replace her battery twice this week because whenever she plugs it in to charge, something happens or something. They both have the latest 9900 and let me use them often. The touch screen is pretty bad and it seems to work very slow. I also know someone else with a 9900 who has to slam it on a table every 2 minutes to get it working.

    The only bad thing about the iPhone is that it doesn’t have a free app like BBM 😐

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